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A unique model for complete VR training

Our VR trainings are designed to offer an unprecedented immersive experience. Available by subscription, these training courses can be used via a VR headset or on a PC, offering flexibility for corporate teams, whether on-site or remotely. Here's what you can expect from our unique solutions:

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An immersive experience

Immerse yourself completely in a virtual work environment designed to simulate real-life company situations. Immersive learning is at the heart of our strategy to prevent accidents and reinforce a culture of safety at work.

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Take part in your own training

At Immersive Factory, we emphasize active participation. You are no longer a mere spectator; you interact with the training environment, which reinforces learning and retention.

Protect your employees’ health

Our virtual reality training courses allow you to confront your employees with real risks in a controlled environment, thus preserving their well-being and physical integrity in the real world.

Experience risk as if you were there

Virtual reality training faithfully recreates risks and hazardous situations in the workplace, offering unparalleled preparation without the associated dangers.

Change behaviors

Thanks to our VR training courses, employees learn not only to identify risks, but also to change their behaviour in a lasting way, for greater safety in everyday life.

Woman using a VR headset

A dedicated team

Do you want to breathe new life into your HSE training journey? Our innovative team is at your side to meet your needs.

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Personalized support

Immersive Factory supports you in the execution of your VR training and/or virtual campus.

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Tips to meet your needs

We advise you on the choice of exercises and subscription plans adapted to your needs.

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Training of your employees

We train your employees to handle VR headsets and 3D environments.

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Unique know-how

Technical consultants, teachers-researchers and training officers are at your side to develop unique, fun and immersive training programs, adapted to your educational objectives.

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Custom creations with experts

We create content with large industrial companies (our contributors) in compliance with regulatory watch.

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Educational expertise

Through active pedagogy and immersive learning, our teams are committed to helping you develop an innovative training path that is tailored to your needs by using intuitive and fun tools.

Do you have questions about our offers and services?

An innovative solution

The benefits of VR training reinforce your training strategy:

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More effective learning

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Reducing time spent training

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Better memorization

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Training in decision making

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Exposure to risky situations

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Infinite learning paths

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Innovative EHS exercises (hunting and risk identification, quizz, serious games)

For convincing results!

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«Hazard Spotting - Warehouse»:

Without registration or installation

With virtual reality, aim for Zero Accident

Your organizational challenges:

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Plan time for training and safety days

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Renew the training modules in their substance and form, adapt them to the languages

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Manage turnover, hybrid teams, maintain achievements

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Motivate employees while being productive

Your operational challenges:

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Strengthening a prevention approach

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Sharing good practices

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Create scenarios to assess risk and learn gestures and postures

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Check the effectiveness of training, reward

Our solutions

The VR training catalog

Operatives who are involved in their training and who adopt the right actions in terms of occupational health and safety thanks to active pedagogy and immersion. Challenges, internal challenges and positive feedback promote better memory and take into account security risks. Opting for Safety Days has a positive impact on your business!

The EHS Virtual Campus

Our EHS trainings are available H24, 7/7, motivating and inclusive: temporary workers, trainees, young employees exposed from the first hours to the occupational risks, will be able to climb in competences thanks to the virtual campus of training and EHS event. Thanks to the subscription the duration of the training is unlimited!

You are training business leaders, industrialists, academics, responsible health, quality, safety, environment, risk prevention, CHSCT...?

Don’t wait any longer, test a new approach to training to better prevent workplace accidents!

Device compatibility

Picture of the HTC VIVE Focus 3 VR headset
Picture of the Meta Quest 2 VR headset
Picture of the Pico Neo 3 VR headset
AR/VR devices partner: MATTS DIGITAL

Distributors of virtual reality headsets, accessories and hygiene products

Respect of your specifications and quality-cost-delivery advice

Dedicated team for deployment in France and abroad: training, purchasing, logistics, technical hotline, service

Ready to use: initial configuration of your equipment, pre-loading of specific configurations and content, operating system update

Immersive Factory customer references: SUEZ, FM Logistique, Imerys, Orano, Spie, Colas

They trust us

Our clients’ advices are unanimous

FAQ - VR Training

This is a training method that uses virtual reality to simulate working environments and risk-free safety, health and environment (EHS) situations.

VR enables complete, interactive immersion, improving information retention and risk understanding.

Absolutely, our training courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of each sector.

A stand-alone virtual reality headset (Pico Neo 3, Meta Quest 2, ...). We offer advice on equipment selection and use.

We provide analysis tools to track user progress and engagement.

Yes, we offer full support, from technical advice to the creation of customized content.