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IMMERSIVE FACTORY and MATTS DIGITAL have signed a partnership to promote the deployment of training in Virtual Reality in companies.

Paris, April 28, 2020IMMERSIVE FACTORY, publisher specializing in the development of Environment, Health, and Safety training, and MATTS DIGITAL, value added distributor in Virtual and Augmented Reality, have entered into a partnership to promote the deployment of Virtual Reality training in companies.

This partnership is concretely reflected in the development of an immersive ready-to-use bundle, consisting of a  HTC VIVE Focus Plus Virtual Reality headset with the Enterprise Advantage contract, two Focus Plus controllers, a backpack specially designed for VIVE Focus Plus,  a Microsoft wireless adapter allowing to duplicate what the headset user sees on a TV screen, a complete cleaning kit for the headset, for users’ hygiene and safety, the pre-loading of IMMERSIVE FACTORY software platform, as well as a hotline ticket  to support the user during the operational implementation of the Virtual Reality headset.

This bundle, available at both IMMERSIVE FACTORY and MATTS DIGITAL is sold at the price of 1040 Euros (excl VAT) and can be shipped anywhere in Europe or worldwide.

Offer : https://www.matts-digital.com/immersive-factory-special-offer-vive-focus-plus-bundle

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