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About Mines Albi Alumni

Mines Albi Alumni is the association of alumni of the IMT Mines Albi engineering school. The school depends on the ministry of industry and is part of the Mines-Telecom Institute (IMT) which is today the first group of schools of engineering and management in France. The association is composed of one full time employee as well as more than 50 volunteers giving time to structure and animate the alumni network (http://bit.ly/2Kg6ZpT).

The Challenge

Every year, Mines Albi Alumni  organizes a General Assembly gathering alumni to report on the past year actions, plan the future, and have a good time together. Usually, this event takes place physically, but this year a new solution had to be found that would align with the restrictions of the current global pandemic. This meant, it had to be a virtual event that could be attended from home. The challenge was to make it interactive nevertheless, as a Skype or Zoom meeting would have led to a simple one-way communication rather than a bilateral and interactive event. Hence, Mines Albi Alumni was looking for a solution that would enable and motivate the attendees to participate in the event and to engage with others rather than only being passive listeners.

The solution thanks to IMMERSIVE FACTORY

That is exactly what IMMERSIVE FACTORY was able to provide; an immersive platform that allowed its event attendees to move around (virtually) and to talk and interact with others as if present at a physical event. Thanks to Immersive Factory’s virtual HUB, Mines Albi Alumni was able to entertain more than 30 people through the organization of a successful 2-3 hour long event, including the demonstration of a presentation, the display of various videos in the cinema room and other interactive games played in the HUB.


The event turned out to be a great success, as everything went as planned. The greatest benefit from using the HUB for the event was the satisfaction from the participants. Not only did the interactivity and thus the 2-way communication make it way more interesting (compared to a regular online presentation), but it also allowed the participants to discover a new platform and with that, a new way of interacting. As stated by Raphaël Oger, person in charge of the Mines Albi Alumni communication team  organizing the event; “The participants were pleasantly surprised as they expected a one-direction event as often seen on standard platforms. Overall, from the participant point of view, the event exceeded all expectations. They [the participants] were definitely satisfied with the solution we found thanks to Immersive Factory”. 

Further feedback from participants

A post-event participant survey provided further feedback as follows:

  • "Well thought out tool, ergonomic and with interesting features to organize a meeting or a conference in virtual reality that changes from the ordinary!”
  • “Very fun platform to interact with others”
  • “The HUB made it possible to keep the proximity and informal exchanges side of the usual general meeting by adding a little extra touch"
  • “The notion of more or less powerful sound depending on the proximity between the avatars, and hearing people speak only when you get close to them promotes the impression of reality and immersion. It's very living!"
  • "The different places to move (cinema, conference room, garden, etc.) are very nice!”

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