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The Benefits of Gamification and Immersive Learning for 15-Minute Safety Meetings

The principle of a 15-minute safety meeting is quite simple. A quarter of an hour during which issues pertaining to the safety of goods and people within the company are discussed. This concise format which, ideally, would benefit from being imaginative and engaging, often seems to turn into a relatively boring 15 minutes spent reminding everyone of the rules. At best, it becomes an exercise in raising awareness, using key figures to liven up the exchange. Fortunately, companies now have unique means at their disposal to host their 15-minute safety meetings creatively, even remotely. Immersive learning relies on gamification to reveal a promising concept’s full potential.

What Is a 15-Minute Safety Meeting?

The goal of a 15-minute safety meeting should be the same for anyone implementing it: to convey an essential message of prevention and to involve associates in a participative approach. This exchange can be a monthly, a bimonthly, or even a weekly discussion if the situation calls for it. It should provide an opportunity to consider occupational risks differently.

A 15-minute safety meeting can take on various shapes, though it is usually recommended to favor a format that encourages interaction and to try and put a playful spin on the event. This is where gamification tools can constitute an invaluable asset for those in charge of hosting the exchange.

Raise Awareness Thanks to a Collaborative Approach

Associates are keen to participate in engrossing activities and gladly take part in an experience when it is presented as a game! The current context is not compatible with social interactions in the form that we are used to. So, taking advantage of a 15-minute safety meeting to re-engage with one’s team can be immensely beneficial.

This is exactly what immersive learning, such as Immersive Factory offers it, allows organizers to do. Created with the input of professionals in the fields of health and safety at work, the modules simulate dangerous situations to confront learners with the risks that their occupation entails in very realistic conditions. Yet, the term “immersion” does not necessarily equate “isolation”, as the functionalities ascribed to the various workshops offer participants a high degree of interaction.

Thanks to a fully digital collaborative platform, associates find themselves inside a customized hub where they can discuss the theme selected for the 15-minute safety meeting. They can also access immersive modules as a team or participate in workshops available to them on a variety of media platforms. VR (using an HTC or Vive FOCUS-type headset, for instance), PC, mobile devices (tablet or smartphone), Mac… Whatever the category of equipment they have at their disposal, they will be able to enjoy the activities. At the end of the session, a debriefing can take place in a virtual meeting room where everyone can share their impressions on the experience.

Active Learning as a Base, Virtual Reality as a Means

Whether the exchange is intended as actual training or as an informational 15 minutes, the principles of active learning remain applicable, as they allow for better engagement and memory stimulation. Gamification creates extra motivation, since the participant is required to carry out a set of tasks involving a variety of skills.

Virtual reality, which serves as a foundation for immersive learning, invites associates to progress through an interactive world whose characteristics make it highly realistic. Within this universe every bit like their own work environment, they go through an enriching experience that illustrates the consequences of a poor execution of important commands very convincingly.

The platform also offers assessment and monitoring tools that each participant can utilize to train at their own pace and make sure they have a good grasp of every module before moving on to the next one. The gaming scenarios follow a very specific educational track. The learner, on the other hand, uses their avatar to experience an adventure nothing like any figure-laden presentation they have ever seen.

A Different 15-Minute Safety Meeting for Different Constraints

In addition to the usual challenges instructors must face to make the best out of such a short exchange, the current working conditions are making their task even more difficult. However, the health crisis is rendering efforts towards raising awareness among the employees more necessary than ever. They must therefore contend with the complications that arise from the lockdown, all without generating additional costs. Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, require customizable solutions to digitize their 15-minute safety meetings efficiently.

To this end, Immersive Factory offers some free exercises (as part of the eSafety Day, for instance) to introduce the concept of EHS to as many people as possible. The health crisis has encouraged businesses to prioritize their training goals differently. A survey carried out by Immersive Factory revealed that 72% of EHS managers wish to give this topic an even more prominent place among the objectives of the companies they work for.

The number of businesses that use VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) as part of their training strategies is increasing. Coupled with an instruction method that matches their needs, these media lend themselves to a whole new way of learning. Much closer to employees’ expectations, these tools foster human interaction. As for instructors, who aim for efficiency, they prove extremely convincing as well.

According to a study carried out by Capgemini entitled “Augmented and Virtual Reality in Operations”, 82% of the businesses that implement VR/AR are pleased with the benefits it offers. The reason is simple: In 2020, PWC also published a study indicating that immersive training allows associates to learn four times faster than with more traditional methods. Enough to multiply the efficiency of a 15-minute safety meeting!

Simulation is now available to an increasingly large number of companies wishing to train their employees using methods that are in line with their long-term goals. Virtual 15-minute safety meetings offer teams and individuals alike a convenient experience. Accessible from practically anywhere and from any type of platform, Immersive Factory’s modules support businesses in their efforts to digitize their training activities.

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