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An "Escape Game" generally consists of escaping from a room or a succession of rooms in a limited time. To do this, a group of players must find and collect a number of clues and objects in order to solve puzzles. "(Guigon, Humeau & Vermeulen, 2017). The Escape Game can take the form of a virtual or physical environment.

Immersive Factory designs and develops your Escape Games applied to the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) domain. This includes training the participants in knowledge, know-how, action skills, and soft skills. 

Immersive Factory can also accompany you in the realization of your own Escape Games starting from your needs and co-construct with you all the puzzles that your pedagogical scenario requires.

In parallel, Immersive Factory also offers a debriefing system that allows participants to become aware of their learning after the Escape Game session. It is also possible to associate a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system that allows trainers and learners to situate the performances achieved during an Escape Game session. These parameters, which are presented in the form of a dashboard, represent indicators as to the knowledge potentially acquired by the various learners. 

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