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It is sometimes difficult to find some time for daily training. The priorities are numerous: files or emails to be processed, urgent meetings, customers or collaborators to advise... and the work to produce. In this context, EHS training may seem secondary. 

In parallel, the more time passes, the more EHS knowledge disappears. Yet when the unthinkable happens, you have to be ready to react. Lives can depend on it. To try to reconcile the tension between daily priorities and EHS knowledge, a very simple solution consists in training for a very short period, less than 5 minutes, but every day. Such an approach offers the advantage to better remember EHS procedures through repetition. At the same time, to be sustainable, this daily session must be experienced as motivating. This is why the training offered must be attractive. 

The association between short-term and attractive daily training consists of a EHS quiz session. This one allows you to revise while having fun. Its goal is to acquire knowledge on various topics related to EHS. To make the EHS daily quiz even more attractive, it is possible to challenge friends or colleagues. The quizzes thus offer scoring systems to compare the answers. each day and challenge each other. Every day, the questions can change. To stick to the culture of your company or institution, it is possible to edit your own questions and share them. Finally, a performance monitoring system is available so that a trainer can follow the progress of the participants.

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