In the beginning of this year, L’Usine Digitale published an article highlighting the collaborative work done between Saint Gobain (designer, manufacturer and distributor of solutions and materials in the construction sector) and Immersive Factory. The goal of the project was to create virtual, realistic and efficient training sessions to prevent potentially severe warehouse accidents. 

Some of the key take-outs of the article are the advantages of exercises developed in virtual reality (VR) such as improved memorisation and easy implementation. 

  • Intrigued by its technology, Saint Gobain asked Immersive Factory to create EHS situational exercises developed in virtual reality. Thereupon, Immersive Factory developed an application to reproduce the glass storage site in VR with the goal to make teams aware of the visual detection of behaviors or risk situations specific to this environment. 
  • Not only does this type of training help to identify risks, it also enhances one’s memorisation. Thanks to the VR aspect of the exercise, the impressions of potential dangers are so realistic that the consequences are engraved in the learner’s mind. As said by Benoist Debry, producer of the exercises; “Training in VR lets the learner anticipate and memorize risks in a way traditional power-point-training cannot. Thanks to the lifelike images, safety rules and other references provided by Saint Gobain, we were able to recreate memorable risk scenarios that trainees can apply to real-life situations''. 
  • Another major advantage of exercise developed in VR is its simple implementation. The training sessions are short, quick and easily organised. Especially compared to traditional EHS training, where a room, equipment  and an (external) trainer need to be set up and prepared. In the case of an international team, Immersive Factory’s EHS virtual reality training eases the challenge of language barriers, as the exercises can be accessed in several languages. 

L’Usine Digitale also explains how it was possible for Immersive Factory to recreate the workshops requested to be reproduced in such realistic EHS work environments and situations. To read all about it, click here for the full article. 

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