Founded in France in 1967, FM Logistic is an independent family business providing supply chain solutions for omnichannel businesses in the distribution, retail, cosmetics, industry and healthcare sectors. Its services include warehousing, all-channel order picking, co-packing, domestic and international transportation, and tower services control. FM Logistic is located in more than 14 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America with a revenue of 1.38 billion euros during the fiscal year ended in March 2021 and has 27,200 employees.

In 2013, FM Logistic launched the FM University, a central business university with an aim to complete the existing training offer in each country. The deployment of international programs and of a digital training tool demonstrates that developing the skills of its employees is key in its strategy.



One of the biggest issues in the logistics industry is accidentology. Considered as the 4th most dangerous sector *, the logistics sector has experienced an increase in the workforce and consequently an increase in the number of accidents.

FM Logistic has been working for more than 10 years on a strategy to reduce work accidents, both for their permanent & temporary employees. Temporary employees represent a younger age group and it is therefore important to raise awareness during the onboarding and after.

To reduce accidents, they have implemented a couple actions: sensitization, communication, new organization and also actions to deploy Virtual Reality. Before Immersive Factory, they had already implemented a communication strategy with a powerful safety video, posters on safety pillars, training games, etc. Although this communication plan had a good impact, it is necessary to think of new actions in order to involve employees more and thus make them actors in their own training thanks to the immersive learning.

Samya Bellhari-Trahin, Ergonomist at FM logistic, explained to us that her job consists of finding ways to provide fun training in order to convey messages differently while ensuring information is well memorized. It is essential to think carefully about the target. One of the main constraints to take into consideration is the good translation of the training tool to make sure it’s understandable and usable by all. And Immersive Factory met its expectations.



When they met Immersive Factory at PREVENTICA in 2018, they did not know what Virtual Reality is, but the company had worked on Augmented Reality before. Then, they identified Immersive Factory as a potential partner for virtual reality exercises after conclusive demonstrations.

"It was important for FM Logistic to renew its training program, with an innovative product dedicated to safety."

They decided to co-create a hazard spotting workshop which would be a new tool to increase employees skills by learning the safety basis and by identifying warehouse risks.

This hazard spotting workshop includes 60 identified risks in a group warehouse which has been designed virtually, with the possibility of carrying out sessions of 3, 5 or 10 minutes.

What satisfied them with Immersive Factory? The ability and agility to come up with a solution that fully fits their work environment. This was a key point for FM Logistic because they wanted employees to train themself in an environment that they know in order to reproduce impactful situations as close as possible to reality.

Strengths of Immersive Factory according to FM Logistic:

  • Availability
  • Reactivity
  • Innovation
  • Listen to the needs
  • Ability to be agile according to audiences, interlocutors (IT, CEO, etc.)



Samya Bellhari-Trahin's wish that this workshop is used for 3 years so that 100% of employees can have access to it, whether in small training groups, or more generally during “quality life at work” weeks, for example.

All sites are now equipped with headsets, which allows for national deployment at the sole discretion of the different sites with the support of the group and Immersive Factory.

The workshop represents a competitive advantage, both for customers in terms of visibility and image and for employees, proud to present their company from an innovative angle.

"VR renews and completes a range of tools that we had already put in place"

FM logistic is considering incorporating this training workshop when recruiting temporary workers by offering it to temporary employment agencies in order to train them as quickly as possible and limit the number of accidents within this population.

*source: NSC Injury Facts

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