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Serious games are very popular over the last few years. A large number of companies are choosing to adopt them to reinvent their internal training programs. But what does this approach bring to e-learning? Discover the role of serious games in the professional world. 


What is a Serious Game?

Serious games work in the same way as classic video games. Their difference is in the entertainment dimension. Indeed, they have another goal than pure entertainment. They are used to promote learning and behavior change. In addition, the serious game is a training, simulation, communication and competition tool used to improve learners' skills in the professional sector.

The objectives of this type of game are multiple:

  • Spreading a message
  • Improved training
  • Promote learning and knowledge sharing


Examples of sectors and uses of Serious Games

Serious Games are used in various fields such as education, health, sustainable development projects, training and consulting... In an educational context, Serious Games differ according to the game chosen and the context of use. Thus, they allow a greater motivation of learners, learning by trial and error and the stimulation of pedagogical interactions between students. Companies can choose to use VR to allow their employees to practice handling real-world scenarios, to better understand a tool or a product and to participate in virtual seminars. Serious games demonstrate that it is possible to learn through play. This method of learning is developing at a very high speed in elementary school, in major universities and in companies. 

For example, in the educational sector, one of the most effective and easy-to-use games is Dragonbox Elements. In this game, players need to build an army to defeat a dragon and save an island. This game is designed for children over nine years old so that they can learn the basics of geometry and Euclid's theorems and pass the challenge. Through this game, students learn mathematics, while having fun. 


Benefits of Serious Games

Serious Games have real advantages:

  • Increased engagement and immersion
  • A safe space to experiment
  • Promote positive emotions that improve learning

Moreover, they are a great financial advantage, in the same way as e-learning. They reduce travel. They also save time, thanks to the distance work. Relevant, they allow a great personalization on the learner's profile and the environment in which he evolves. In addition to other methods, they help to memorize learning.


The different dimensions of Serious Games

Serious Games have different aspects:

  • The fact that it is interactive, with a "Gameplay". The "gameplay" is at the heart of all games. It can be described as the decisions and actions that the player must take to overcome difficulties. It is what involves the player in the game and in a Serious Game. The gameplay will allow the player to reach the objective of the game (e.g. training, participating in a sustainable development project, etc.)
  • The involvement of the learner in an immersive setting. There are techniques to make training gamification a success. In this context, gamification allows the learner to be more involved.
  • The player can really interact with the subject. The SGs encourage the player to solve the gamified problems to bring about behavioral changes in them, but also socio-cognitive and socio-affective changes.
  • Progression, challenges and rewards. Serious games appeal to intrinsic motivation. Indeed, by completing the game, you will get your reward.

Serious games differ from gamification on a few points in e-learning.


It is composed of fun activities intended to motivate users to learn online by having the opportunity to improve in all fields. It is about making training fun.


Serious games

On the opposite, serious games give an educational aspect to a game. They have specific learning objectives. In this concept, training aspects are added to games, which allows for greater involvement. Discover many immersive learning courses directly on our website!


An effective Serious Game training

Created by experts in immersive learning, Immersive Factory offers training materials in virtual reality in the corporate security sector. Thanks to the implementation of Serious Game training, Immersive Factory ensures the success of your project. By adopting clear and defined professional objectives, we offer motivating training. Whatever your field of activity, you can be concerned by our trainings.

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