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We're back at work, on-site, in the warehouse, on the road, or just at the office. After many months of remote work, your teams are finally together, and it's time to launch a 15-minute safety session program for the year.

Are you lacking inspiration or simply don't have the time to create it yourself?

Rest assured, this is a challenge faced by all HSE managers.

Immersive Factory has prepared a safety talk schedule that should satisfy you!


The Dual Benefits of Safety Talks

1/ Delivering a message on risk prevention that's fun and engaging

2/ Discussing practices among employees of the same company

And all in just 10 minutes!


The Advantages of Immersive Learning

Dive into a dangerous situation to better avoid real-life accidents. That's what the Immersive Factory platform offers, designed for (and by) HSE managers, and for employees wanting to improve their movements and posture in an environment identical to theirs.


Month 1: React Before Acting

Advice: To kick off your annual program, consider presenting the principles of your safety culture to set the groundwork and ensure that your employees align with your goals.

Tool: The “Risk Hunt - 10 Life-saving Rules” training sensitizes your teams to detect risky behaviors and situations on a construction site in an industrial zone.


Month 2: How to Avoid the Inevitable?

Falls on the same level account for about 17% of workplace accidents and cause approximately 19% of work stoppages. The culprits? Slippery floors, lack of floor and traffic signage, and non-compliance with PPE...

Advice: To minimize risks, a prevention plan is essential, including training to manage risk factors.

Tool: In our “same-level fall” workshops, areas are recreated identical to work environments, allowing for real simulation of same-level falls. An example from a public works site.


Month 3: Beware of Traffic!

Whether you work in an office or a warehouse, everyone is at risk from traffic.

Advice: Low visibility traffic flow, unstable roads, or poorly maintained machinery can all lead to accidents.

Tool: The "Public Works Site Traffic" virtual reality training sensitizes your teams to risks and ensures compliance with procedures during site traffic where pedestrians, trucks, and specialized vehicles mingle.


Month 4: First Aid

Advice: New regulations require every employer to offer employees, before retirement, awareness initiatives against cardiac arrest and life-saving gestures. This way, your employees will be trained to ensure their safety, assist a victim, and relay information to rescue services.

Tool: Immersive Factory's first aid quiz.


Month 5: Safely Reach New Heights

Advice: Falls from height are the second leading cause of fatal work-related accidents. They can occur in all job sectors, whether from roofs, ladders, scaffolds, etc.

Tool: Learn more about the best practices for working at height through our immersive workshops.


Month 6: CSR Best Practices

Advice: Have you already implemented a CSR strategy, or are you unsure where to start?

Tool: This exercise can help you kick off your responsible actions by identifying risky behaviors or situations in office environments, warehouses with generic production chains, storage facilities, and other areas like break rooms, all recreated as close to reality as possible.


Month 7: Return Home Safe and Sound

What's better than avoiding a road accident during work-related commutes?

In 2020, 356 people were killed in work-related travel... And this risk affects everyone in the company: support service, production, sales, technicians. For 92% of those killed, they were men, so don't wait any longer to raise their awareness about risks and give them a real thrill with the "driving behavior" workshop.


Month 8: Movements and Postures

Analysis of workstations and their ergonomics allows for a better understanding of the origins of musculoskeletal disorders. This is achieved by gathering feedback from employees about their workstations and often involves redesigning the environment. Other factors like work intensity and organizational factors must be taken into account to determine the best solution tailored to each situation.

Tool: The “pallet handling” workshop is another way to make your employees aware of the risks of incorrect movements.


Month 9: Home Risks in Professional/Personal Life

Advice: In France, 20% of accidents involving children aged 1 to 4 are domestic accidents. At Immersive Factory, we believe that safety is everyone's responsibility, and we're keen on raising awareness for everyone!

Tool: To achieve our goal, we've created an exercise dedicated to children and parents that replicates the viewpoints of children and helps identify risks for the little ones.

Family danger detection on your PC

Workshop for children


Month 10: See and Be Seen, a Fundamental Principle in Logistics

Advice: The logistics sector faces numerous challenges in preventing work accidents, such as the diversity of goods and populations present in warehouses, manual handling which is the cause of most accidents, and deadlines. More often than not, haste leads to accidents.

Tool: To train your teams in anticipation, try the “Warehouse” risk hunt which will immerse your employees in a virtual sequence, accessible on PC, and free of charge!


Month 11: Find Calm and Serenity!

Even though they affect all sectors of activity, psychosocial risks have a significant impact on company accounts.

Advice: Don't wait until absenteeism becomes excessive, and raise your teams' awareness from the start of the program by proposing an organization that fosters a better collective climate.

Tool: A virtual metaverse campus where everyone chooses an avatar and connects from their PC. Meet in the cinema hall, or in the patio to chat informally and break the isolation!


Month 12: Live the Life of Santa Claus

To wrap up this annual program, to be done in December, this game lets you experience the life of Santa Claus in his gift factory. Happy hunting! (free access)

*source: CNAM 2019/ INRS

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