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Playful animation for safety at work - The solution to prevent risks at work.

A health and safety day is organized in order to make each employee aware of the issues related to health, safety and well-being. It is an excellent way to put forward health and safety prevention messages. Carried out in a more playful setting, it proves to be very beneficial for a company. Discover some fun exercises that can be practiced during your safety day at work.

Workplace safety animation: Fun exercises

The mission of the safety day is to sensitize and mobilize employees around the same objective. They will be alerted to the risks and dangers that can occur in the company, thanks to playful activities and group exchanges.

Indeed, the playful animation safety at work on immersive vr is an effective means for the initiation of the safety training. It encourages employee interactivity.

Here are some examples of fun exercises that you can adopt.

The role-playing game

Role-playing is easy to do because of its popularity. Form groups of five or ten people, then prepare several cards with safety scenarios. Each team chooses a representative who selects a card at random.

When each team gets their card, members will read and understand their respective tasks. Each team will then demonstrate the best way to administer first aid according to their respective scenarios.

If time permits, you can run the game as a "before and after" exercise. This is necessary to see the improvements after conducting training.

A trained trainer should be present to take notes on the teams' performance. He or she will then provide feedback during the training. Afterwards, the teams can replay the tasks they were assigned.

Safety Charades

This is an easy and very fun course. Divide participants into even-numbered teams, then write down the actions of the game. Like a traditional game of charades, one person on each team is responsible for drawing a piece of paper at random. Key words related to safety are chosen, such as: first aid kit, emergency exit... It is then necessary to interpret them correctly to win the game.

The safety treasure hunt

The game consists of choosing a hypothetical safety situation that could occur in the workplace, such as a fire on the floor. The objective is to encourage teams to follow the safety procedures in the training manual. This game will test their knowledge of the safety procedures and their ability to put them into practice in an emergency.

To do this, create several groups, each of which will be given the first clue and will try to find the next clue. The team that quickly assimilates the tasks and is able to get out of an emergency situation will win.

Safety Trivia

It is similar to a trivia session and is designed to motivate employees to read and understand certain parts of the workplace safety manual. You can quiz employees individually or in teams. The rule of the game is simple: whoever earns the most points will be rewarded. You can set a time limit.

This game allows you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each department. This helps to improve safety training. At the end of the review period, each employee's progress should be evaluated.

While there are many benefits to fun exercises, there are also drawbacks. First of all, they may not interest or involve many employees. Second, games may not convey the desired knowledge. Indeed, they must be well designed to be educational. Moreover, their impact is limited because it is difficult for employees to put themselves in a situation.

Virtual reality training

Virtual reality training is the digital simulation of realistic scenarios for training purposes. Using a headset and controllers, trainees watch, talk and move freely in a 3D virtual environment, interacting with simulated real-world tools and machines, as well as with other trainees and instructors.

As part of a fun animation during a workplace safety day, training with VR offers multiple benefits:

  • Immersive experiences
  • More effective training
  • More effective scenario-based training
  • Accelerated training
  • Players learn through vision, hearing, muscle memory and spatial orientation

Immersive Factory: innovative safety training

Immersive Factory is a specialist in HSE training in VR that works with many clients such as Tereos, Lapeyre or the Casino group.

We offer innovative HSE exercises, namely risk hunting and identification, quizzes, serious games, and many other workshops in VR. Thanks to the intervention of a team of experts, your trainings are tailor-made.

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