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Elearning prevention BTP - A risk prevention tool.

On a construction site, workers are exposed to numerous risks. Most of the time, accidents have serious consequences for their health. For this reason, the prevention BTP became essential. Its objective is to limit the risks of accidents and diseases. In this respect, virtual training is one of the most effective solutions. It has great advantages in preventing occupational risks in the construction industry.

The legal obligation to assess risks

The government is increasingly looking for solutions to make company managers aware of the need to assess occupational risks. This mainly affects the building and public works sector, which has a large number of work-related accidents.

Article R4121-1 of the French Labor Code defines that an employer has the obligation to evaluate the risks and potential dangers for his employees during their activity.

This is why the DUER is now a regulatory obligation to assess occupational risks in the construction sector. Indeed, this document includes a list of all risks. It allows the implementation of a plan to fight them and avoid accidents.

How to assess risks?

A risk assessment describes the overall process or method used to:

  • Identify hazards and risk factors that may cause harm
  • Analyze and examine the risk associated with the hazard
  • Determine effective ways to eliminate the hazard or control the risk if the hazard cannot be eliminated.

Risk assessment in the construction industry

In the construction industry, risk assessment involves a thorough inspection of the workplace to identify elements and processes that may cause a hazard to workers. Once the risk has been identified, its severity must be analyzed and assessed. Then, it is necessary to implement a prevention approach with the employees, namely training of the personnel, renovation of the materials or the implementation of a safety shift in e-learning prevention BTP.

Categories of possible risks and dangers

This sector of activity presents the highest level of risk:

  • Falls from height
  • Road risks
  • Use of construction and lifting equipment
  • Wood dust
  • Chemical products
  • Biological risks, etc.

However, some accidents can be avoided when the reason is known. For example, the handling of a dangerous tool. On the other hand, other risks are less predictable, such as fires. However, with good practices, unpredictable situations caused by machines or by human action can be avoided.

Training employees on construction risks

To avoid accidents, it is mandatory for an employer to train employees to the risks of the building industry. In order to do so, the training must be tailored to the employee's needs, as each job and each company in the construction industry is different.

The training must also be adapted to the employees. You should know that not all employees have the same responsibilities and are not subject to the same risks. However, there are some main areas that should be common to all employees.

How do you train employees?

To effectively train employees, you can use an e-learning platform and VR. The advantages of this platform are multiple:

  • It greatly simplifies training. In addition, it can be used for new employees
  • Employees are more attentive and better trained. Indeed, they are more involved in their training
  • It saves a lot of time. The training is efficient and does not require the presence of a specialized trainer
  • It offers the possibility to make customizations and to create images of your premises.

Immersive Factory: your partner for safety training

The construction industry is growing rapidly. For this reason, more and more young graduates choose it for their professional future. Concerned about the safety of all the personnel in this sector, Immersive Factory has set up a reliable and easy to use virtual training. Specialized in the field, we adopt the best techniques so that users can easily assimilate the training.

Specialist in HSE training in VR

For years, Immersive Factory has surrounded itself with the best experts to improve its training. For this, many clients around the world collaborate with us, such as

  • AirBus
  • Ariane Group
  • PMU
  • Etc

Innovative HSE exercises

The company has adopted new working methods to allow employees to take full advantage of the training:

  • Risk hunting and identification
  • Quizzes
  • Serious games

Customized training

Immersive Factory is made up of a team of experts. Thanks to its skills, we offer to create customized trainings to allow you to offer impactful and engaging trainings to your employees.

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