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Innovative Team Building - A way to strengthen team spirit.

Strengthening social ties is an innovative way to boost a company's productivity. For this purpose, various methods can be used, including team building. This technique emerged in the early 80s. So, what are its main challenges?


What is innovative team building?

Team building is a corporate activity conducted in groups with the aim of strengthening cohesion. Generally, it is organized outside the premises to promote social interactions. Moreover, the activities are:

  • Sports-related;
  • Fun;
  • Creative.

Team building can take place during a safety day workshop or on a safety day. However, it's not just for entertainment. For each challenge and activity, members will have to help and collaborate with each other. For this, they will need to get to know each other (their qualities, strengths, and weaknesses). These exchanges will be useful in the future because if a team knows each other, it will be more efficient and perform better. Also, members will be motivated to work together. It is also possible to offer distance HSE training during team building.


How does team building work?

Generally, the team leader or manager conducts meetings where employees develop professional relationships. The staff responsible for organizational development can also handle it if team building takes place in a large company. Even a member of the employee group can lead the activity if they have experience in the field.

However, a structured meeting isn't always necessary. You can also just organize fun events that everyone will enjoy.

Innovative team building activity ideas

With the goal of bringing company collaborators together, you can start with a service picnic. Organize a barbecue and ask everyone to bring meat to grill. It will be a time of sharing and quality discussions. You can also sponsor activities, such as bowling, outings to clubs, painting in a workshop, or cruises on a boat. Any group activity can be considered.

External facilitation

With an external facilitator, employee groups can participate in structured activities. These can help them be more efficient in their daily tasks.


Benefits of team building

Innovative team building offers many advantages:

Socialization and networking

To improve work productivity, focus on social connections and friendship. Not only will employees be in a better mood, but there will also be a good working atmosphere in the company.

Improving team performance

Team building also helps improve team performance, as it helps members get to know and understand each other better. The work culture will be more positive, as everyone will give their best.

Strengthening team spirit and motivation

Fun activities are moments of relaxation and entertainment. They strengthen team spirit and motivate employees to excel. For instance, prizes can be offered to game winners.


Benefits of using virtual reality for team building

Virtual reality changes the way teams are managed. Here are the advantages of using this technology to strengthen employee cohesion:

Smoother communication

Thanks to virtual reality, it becomes easier to bring teams together for conferences and remote meetings. Everyone will feel like they're in the same room, even if some employees are miles away.


Virtual reality ensures better profitability by eliminating transportation, accommodation, and food expenses. Furthermore, even remote employees can participate in activities and social meetings without having to travel.


With augmented reality, teams can work together more effectively. Not only does this technology save time, but it also allows them to successfully complete all their projects.


Immersive Factory offers e-learning and virtual reality training

To strengthen your employees' team spirit, contact Immersive Factory. They offer e-learning and virtual reality training. They can organize team building activities to enhance the cohesion of your employees. With Immersive Factory, they can enjoy fun and entertaining activities remotely. All they need is a VR headset and a PC.

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