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First Aid Training - choose virtual reality.

Professional training is essential to enhance employees' knowledge. As such, it must be implemented within companies. To ensure its effectiveness, employers are turning to virtual reality, an innovative technology offering immersive experiences.


Advantages of Training through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers numerous advantages in the context of professional training:

It provides quality training

During a safety day, VR training is both high-quality and low-risk. For instance, virtual reality allows police officers to experience dangerous situations without the risk of injuries or fatalities. Indeed, the purpose of this training is to help them manage these situations effectively.

Furthermore, virtual reality training is continuously optimized. It is designed to be realistic. Trainees can experience various scenarios within minutes.

It's convenient and affordable

A few decades ago, VR immersion was unthinkable. The technology was in its infancy, and its use implied significant costs. Today, understanding its importance, more and more employers are using it. As a result, it has become more accessible, plus it allows better control over the training budget.

It ensures better information retention

Training guarantees better results when it includes practice. It's an excellent way to develop skills. Research has shown that the retention rate for information is 75% when using virtual reality training.


The Importance of Training Employees in First Aid

Risks are always present in a work environment. Indeed, accidents can happen at any time. This is why it's crucial to train employees in first aid. Here are the benefits of this training:

  • It can save lives: A person trained in first aid can save another person's life while waiting for health professionals.
  • It reduces the number of accidents: Trained employees are more aware of the dangers in their workplace, so they take precautions to avoid them.
  • It creates a positive work environment: By offering this type of training, employers show that they care about employee safety. This exercise also strengthens team bonds.
  • It makes workers more confident during emergencies: Proper training makes employees more efficient in handling emergencies.


First Aid Training Using Virtual Reality

Like traditional training, employees are guided by a trainer. They are exposed to various scenarios to help them put themselves in the situation. Employees will wear a VR headset to immerse themselves in the virtual universe. Virtual reality simulates intense situations to enhance practice.

When faced with an emergency, employees need to act efficiently to save lives or themselves. They must do everything possible to secure an area. After the training, a debriefing session is planned to discuss the scenarios and provide advice to all participants.


When to use first aid?

Knowledge of first aid can be useful in many situations:

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

If someone has a cardiac arrest, they might die if not resuscitated immediately. If you're trained in CPR, you can perform chest compressions on the victim.


If someone is bleeding, you need to assess the extent of the injury to know how to act. The color of the blood will guide you, something you'll learn during first aid training.


If someone is choking, it means something is blocking their throat. It's a severe incident that can lead to unconsciousness or death. Thus, you must ensure the victim ejects what they've swallowed.


Immersive Factory Offers Virtual Reality Training

Do you wish to train your employees in first aid? Choose Immersive Factory for a unique experience. With its cutting-edge technology and top-tier equipment, your teams will quickly learn safety measures. This will empower them to save lives daily and act more efficiently in emergencies.

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