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Marc CHARRONDIÈRE has been a QSE (Quality Safety Environment) coordinator for 2 years at CHIMIREC VALRECOISE. CHIMIREC is a company involved in the grouping, storage, and pre-treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from different sectors of activity and communities.

We were able to get feedback on his experience with Immersive Factory. Let's tell you all about it!


How did you discover Immersive Factory?

"I discovered Immersive Factory by doing research on how I could highlight a safety aspect with training modules that integrate a practical side. So, I looked on the internet and I discovered Immersive Factory which offered VR training modules."


What is your use of VR at Chimirec? How often?

"I use VR about once a week on average as part of my safety orientations for newcomers to connect the theoretical with the practical."


What feedback do you get from your colleagues?

"In general, the feedback is positive with a better understanding of risks in general."


Would you recommend Immersive Factory?

"Yes, absolutely because it's a good experience that can be appreciated in any sector of activity."


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