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Marc LAFFONT is the Senior HSE Manager for the Europe/Africa Region of the Vallourec Group. Vallourec is a group manufacturing hot-rolled tubes for the OCTG industry. This means that they make tubes for oil exploration and hydrocarbon transportation. They supply tubes for industry, construction, and new markets.

Marc LAFFONT has provided us with feedback on his experience with Immersive Factory. We also had the opportunity to get some testimonials from Vallourec colleagues. Discover!


How did you discover Immersive Factory?

"I discovered Immersive Factory through the Internet."


What is your use of VR at Vallourec?

"With Immersive Factory, we developed a specific module to raise awareness among our operators about a major risk at Vallourec: handling tubes and the co-activity risks related to handling with the bridge in the workshop. With this module, we can review all the safety rules that guarantee the safe handling of tubes during transport from the load pick-up to its deposit. If one of the rules is not respected, it's an accident and the load can end up on the operator or the person who found himself underneath."


What feedback do you get from your colleagues?

The feedback is all very positive:

"It is a very important reminder of the safety rules." "Virtual reality allows you to apprehend the space and your environment while moving around in the workshop. We quickly realize that the cabin bridge operator does not have a total vision of his entire environment despite his high position, quite the contrary. With his load of tubes and various ground obstacles like machines, desks, tube storage grids... his vision is greatly reduced. Not to forget, the little extra of the software, the people crossing the workshop under your virtual tube load... the experience will chill your blood." "I was able to test the bridge and hook module in virtual reality and I was struck by the quality of the tool. It helps to understand what are the risks and difficulties encountered by the people who handle our tubes. I recommend this module to all staff, it's very informative!" "The major asset of this technology is that it allows all employees to be active in their training."


Would you recommend Immersive Factory?

"Yes, I would recommend Immersive Factory."


You too, find the training that meets your colleagues' needs to strengthen your HSE training with over 50 workshops in several sectors of activity. And if you want to customize your workshops to specifically match your colleagues, we will be happy to assist you in its design!

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