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Michel CARDINAL is the Head of the Campus FER Training Organization, a brand of the COLAS RAIL group, a global leader in railway works. Campus FER trains in the technical professions of rail, such as train driving, train preparation, railway track and catenary work, and railway safety. They have over 60 rail clients and train more than 2,000 people per year.

Michel CARDINAL has shared his experience with Immersive Factory as part of his profession. Discover his testimony!


How did you discover Immersive Factory?

"Immersive Factory had already developed a solution for the Group. This solution was a risk hunt in the context of the construction of the Jakarta metro."


What is your use of VR in your company?

"We use it less than once a month."


What feedback do you get from your colleagues?

"The solution is interesting because:

It's portable: during continuous assessments of train drivers, the solution can be used at the client's site. It's close to reality It's quick to start and use It offers a new mode of learning."


Have you already noticed a difference before/after VR?

"Before, all simulator services were done on a standard simulator. It was a big, non-mobile system."


Would you recommend Immersive Factory?

"Yes, I would recommend Immersive Factory."


Make your training innovative with an easy-to-use, practical, and ready-to-start solution. Our modules available on VR headset and on PC will meet your needs for your HSE training and activities. Immerse your employees in a training that will allow them to better memorize safety gestures and thus prevent accidents.

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