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Laurent MARTIN has been working in the field of construction and civil engineering for 27 years as a HSE professional. He is currently the Deputy HSE Manager at Soletanche Bachy International. This company operates in the field of foundations, maritime works, and underground works. They have dam, reservoir, metro, port, building foundation, and airport projects.

Laurent MARTIN tells us about his experience with Immersive Factory.


How did you discover Immersive Factory?

"In 2019, within the Soletanche Bachy group, we had worked with Vinci's IT department to prepare a module on our 5 killers and we had bought a full VR kit. The problem was the module that had a single scenario, which made it once experienced by a person, redoing it was no longer of interest. So I convinced my management of the importance of having content. I therefore contacted Immersive Factory for the catalogue and the content that seemed interesting to me."


What is your use of VR at Soletanche Bachy International?

"In 2019, we contracted for a year but unfortunately, we could not use it more than 3 months due to COVID. However, between September and December, I did a deployment in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand on our projects at the time as well as for a few people at headquarters. I was able to get about 300 people during this period. Currently, I would say that I am at a total of 400.

In 2021, I reactivated the project and we were even able to push it to the level of the Soletanche Bachy group. We are only just beginning to deploy massively. The idea then is for projects or BU to be autonomous in using the catalogue either from the standalone headset or the PC, which is less immersive but also works very well."


What feedback do you get from your colleagues?

"So far, every time I have been able to present and run VR workshops, the feedback has always been positive and enthusiastic. They are impressed."


Would you recommend Immersive Factory?

"The answer is of course yes."


You too, choose a solution that will suit your company to train your employees in prevention, risks, and safety gestures. Virtual reality is easy to use and the headsets are standalone, all you have to do is start them!

With more than 50 immersive workshops on headsets and on PCs, you will find those that meet your needs and those of your employees.

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