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Developed with expert advice from Echange Formation.

Learn how to create a practical and functional single document that meets legal requirements and company expectations. A 12-hour course with personalized support and assesment meetings with our EHS experts.

The Single Document for the evaluation of occupational risks is a real management tool for health and safety at work. It should not be underestimated and for good reason: french new legislation requires a strengthening of the obligations relating to the keeping of the Single Document. It will then be stored online for 40 years and accessible to authorized persons.

Content of the training :

The Single Document for the evaluation of occupational risks training is divided into 10 modules and lasts about 12 hours, directly in your personal space on the Immersive Factory website. Your course is personalized and includes a mandatory meeting with our HSE experts. At the end of your training, a certificate of success is delivered to you.

Program :

  • Build an efficient Single Document that meets the standards
  • Calculate the frequency rate, severity rate...
  • How and why should you evaluate the difficulty of your work?
  • What do the new regulations say?
  • Presentation of the different risks of the INRS
  • The general principles of prevention
  • The costs related to work accidents

Who is this training for ?

This training is intended for anyone who is required to participate in the drafting or updating of the Single Document for the evaluation of occupational risks. Since April 1st 2022 in France, the elected members of your CSE or CSSCT must take part in the creation or updating of the Single Document.

Want to know more?

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