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Gilles BARACCHINO is the Training and Recruitment Manager at TASQ-OM. TASQ-OM is a training organization and a CFA that has been specializing for 34 years in the fields of Quality Management, Safety, Hygiene/Health, Environment as well as Information Security.

Discover his testimony on his experience with Immersive Factory.


How did you discover Immersive Factory?

"We discovered Immersive Factory through one of our apprentices who was doing her alternation at Saint-Gobain. As part of her apprenticeship missions, she was working with Immersive Factory. Our apprentice thought that synergies were possible given our activities in the same HSE field and put us in touch."


What are the uses of VR at TASQ-OM?

"VR is now used as a practical "field" tool while we are in the training room, giving more weight to our trainers' pedagogy. VR is currently mainly used for our Safety training, specifically on our training related to business risks. It allows our trainees to be placed in an "almost real" situation facing a problem to solve. Much more telling than a video or a simple PowerPoint presentation. To date, we use the virtual reality headset about ten times a year as a pedagogical tool. We are considering how to integrate it into our other themes, particularly on the Environment in the medium term. VR is mainly used for our certifying/qualifying training activities."


How and since when has VR been introduced into your company?

"After a first exchange with Bertrand PIERRE, I was quickly convinced that the tool could be a plus both in terms of pedagogical quality and image for our establishment. I advocated in this sense to my management, my colleagues, and our trainers. We have been using VR since our 2021/2022 training cycle, it is on the program for this 2022/2023 year, and will probably still be present for the future 2023/2024 cycle."


Why did you choose VR? What is its added value according to you?

"It is a pedagogical tool complementary to the collective or individual work workshops of our trainees. An innovative tool, we wanted to stand out from our competitors and especially launch a more modern teaching method in the digital age. We believe that a person in training will remember much more what he does than what he hears. Being in a situation is much more telling for our trainees, and the acquisition of the skills concerned is done more quickly."


What feedback do you get from your colleagues/management about the use of VR?

"The feedback is mostly positive from all concerned. It pushes our trainers to review their pedagogical course during a training day to illustrate their speech by the immediate "real" application and not only through presented images or told anecdotes. Our "younger" trainers welcome this new tool. Our "older" trainers are more resistant to using the tool, fearing not knowing how to master the technical part and losing time in their animation day. For us, it's an argument to reinforce the turn we want to take with more digital in our training and leave the world of old-fashioned training or teaching."


Would you recommend the use of VR?

"Strongly, it's the whole point of the meaning of the word "immersion". An individual retains 20% of what they hear but retains 90% of what they do. In our sector of professional training, a classic day between four walls is now active. I would advise VR to any training structure dispensing skills that require a field or manual exercise to ideally soak up the associated pedagogy."


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