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Didier RUBERT is an Electronics Engineer, Project Innovation Leader and Innovation Facilitator within EDF's CIST-INGEUM unit. This is the engineering unit dedicated to the performance and development of EDF's production plants in France and internationally.

Didier RUBERT kindly agreed to tell us about his experience with Immersive Factory. Discover his testimony.


How did you discover Immersive Factory?

"Through meetings at innovation fairs."


What is your use of VR at EDF? How often?

"We use VR weekly for retraining the unit's employees on H0B0M0 accreditation (mandatory safety accreditation to go to operational sites). We also use VR for risk awareness (domestic, road, etc.)."


What feedback have you received from your colleagues?

"Before deploying the solution in the unit, I carried out a Beta test period with 40 colleagues (all trades combined) to collect their feedback. 95% satisfaction regarding ease of use and realism of immersion in known industrial facilities."


Have you already noticed a difference before/after VR?

"I deployed the solution in June 2022, it is difficult for me to measure its effectiveness at the moment. We plan to conduct a REX (Experience Feedback) after one year of use. However, based on initial feedback from employees, they, like me, are convinced that immersion is very beneficial for memorizing information and, in our case, will improve the unit's HSE knowledge."


Would you recommend Immersive Factory?

"Yes, without hesitation, because from the start I felt with the Immersive Factory team a relationship of trust and transparency. In addition, the fact that the CEOs come from the world of training and safety reassured me greatly. The project managers and developers are also top-notch, always attentive to our needs and very responsive. Indeed, we are currently pursuing a new project to improve the solution with Immersive Factory, to meet specific needs of the unit."


Strengthen your training programs and activities with innovative and immersive workshops that meet your expectations and those of your colleagues. Virtual reality is a real asset in training as it allows more effective learning and the retention of 4 times more information.

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