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Anne Landry is the QHSE Director at Chryso, a manufacturer of additives for building materials. She has agreed to testify on the use of virtual reality within Chryso.


How did you discover Immersive Factory?

"I discovered Immersive Factory through my colleagues at SGO who had worked with you."


What is your use of virtual reality at Chryso? How often?

"We use virtual reality sporadically despite acquiring a headset with 10 modules since last November. It has only been used for a forklift/pedestrian awareness campaign. The problem is finding availability for our operators for these activities."


What feedback have you received from your colleagues?

Feedback from a workshop manager: "The virtual reality workshop was well appreciated by all participating colleagues from my team (Packaging and Coloring). I myself enjoyed the exercise, but we all noticed that more time was needed to get used to the tool, more time to familiarize ourselves with it. Some said they had just figured out how it works when the time was up. So they were left wanting more."


Would you recommend Immersive Factory?

"I would indeed recommend Immersive Factory because it is an attractive medium to deliver the right messages."


Indeed, virtual reality is a useful tool when integrated into an employee's training path. It is a medium and long-term training tool for the employee. It is important that the company takes the time to install the solution and manage its implementation. Even after receiving the headset, we assist you in getting started, its use, and in the installation of this device within your company. The support service is there to help you and communicate with you throughout the process. Don't hesitate to get back to us through the contact form or the chat on the site.

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