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Workplace safety is a major concern for all companies. Workplace accidents can have serious consequences for workers, the company, and even the surrounding community. To raise awareness among employees about risks and safety procedures, more and more companies are turning to virtual reality. In this article, we will explain why virtual reality safety days are an all-in-one solution that allows you to innovate in your safety and health training and immerse your employees in the heart of their learning.


1 - Why do it ?

Safety days with virtual reality workshops are a turnkey solution for raising employee awareness about workplace risks and best safety practices. They allow companies to promote shared vigilance in a group setting, change the way they communicate safety rules, and bridge the gap between the consequences of an accident and everyday routines. Moreover, VR is an engaging method that enables employees to feel involved in their own awareness process.


2 - What is it ?

The format of the Safety Day we offer is a workshop on risk prevention and workplace accidents that can accommodate up to fifty participants, either in groups or through open sessions for more flexibility in organization. Each group is supervised by an animator with their VR headset, who is trained in technical know-how, EHS knowledge, and game-based learning. The VR Serious Games are developed by Immersive Factory in collaboration with large corporations, tailored to the participants’ activities and adaptable to the logistics and dynamics of your organization. They can be selected based on a safety theme, and smalls groups can be formed for greater efficiency.


3 - Who is it for ?

The virtual reality workshops available on Safety Day are suitable for all safety managers and their teams, all employees of a company regardless of their status or role, as well as any companies wishing to innovate in their approach to training and raising awareness of workplace risks without having to manage the workshop logistics. They can also help foster connections among employees by working together in groups to achieve a common goal.

Furthermore, virtual reality adds a high-tech and playful aspect to a day centered around serious topics. It allows you to gauge employees’ appreciation of the medium and provides a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to become familiar with virtual reality and imagine its possibilities.


4 - Going further ?

To maintain a high level of awareness, it is recommended to establish a regular use of virtual reality after the awareness day to prevent its benefits from fading into oblivion. Companies can also adopt the tool to standardize this new safety awareness practice. Finally, to continue raising awareness after this day, it is possible to transition to a SafetyBox VR©, as explained in another article.

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