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Eighteen months ago, Thierry Lafouge and Julian Alvarez conducted an unprecedented study. A total of 1126 people responded to the online questionnaire about personality profile (DiSC Model) and player profile (Bartle Model).

They had the opportunity to present the results of this study at the ISAGA symposium held in La Rochelle. The main objective was to determine whether there is a significant link between an individual's personality and their player profile.

The analyses showed interesting correspondences for three of the four profile pairs. Thus, individuals with a dominant Communicator (yellow) tendency tend to correspond to the Socializer profile according to Bartle's Model. Similarly, Dominant individuals (red) often identify as Competitors (Killers), and Conscientious individuals (blue) relate to Collectors (Achievers). However, no clear correlation was found between the Stable profile (green) and the Explorer.

By refining the analyses, they sought to understand these results by taking into account the age, gender and weekly playing time of respondents. It was at this stage that they observed a surprising phenomenon: a change in player profile according to age and gender. Indeed, they found that the female gender tends to migrate from an "Achiever" player profile to "Socializer" as they age, while the male gender evolves from a "Killer" profile to "Explorer".

Based on these findings, they established a grid called PPP (Player Personality Profile Grid). This tool should allow trainers to estimate the profiles of their learners by considering their age, gender, and weekly playing time.

It is important to note that this work is still at the experimental stage and will require further tests to confirm these preliminary results. However, given the number of respondents, this is a promising line of inquiry.

The official article should be released by the end of this year, 2023, to share the details of this study. Immersive Factory, Nicolas Bécu, the organizers of ISAGA, and the LARSH DeVisu laboratory made this research possible.

You can download the presentation made at the ISAGA symposium here.

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