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The main purpose of a safety day in a company is to prevent workplace accidents by raising employee awareness. In order for safety-related information to be well assimilated and remembered, it is important to choose innovative and relevant activities.

Virtual reality represents an essential tool to achieve this goal. It offers immersive and interactive activities that are extremely captivating and actively stimulates participants. Virtual reality also strengthens the bonds between employees, thus promoting collaboration and team spirit through hyper-realistic reconstructions, perfectly adapted for accident prevention at work.

Interactive virtual activities raise awareness more effectively about risks and safety measures. Professionals then have the opportunity to experience simulated situations and understand concretely the stakes of safety. This promotes a deeper awareness and increased understanding of the risks in their work environment.

By involving staff in the activity, employees can also develop practical skills to handle risky situations. By putting them in real or virtual situations, these activities help reduce risks and promote a permanent culture of positive safety. Employees are thus better prepared to adopt safe behaviors on a daily basis, especially when facing a work accident risk situation.


Experiencing high-risk situations... risk-free

A workshop with virtual reality headsets is particularly impactful as it allows employees to experience high-risk situations without putting their physical safety in danger. By creating realistic virtual environments, these headsets allow participants to understand the potential consequences of reckless behavior. Virtual reality maximizes the impact and memorization of information related to the prevention of dangers at work and is therefore the ideal activity during a company safety day.

That's why Immersive Factory has set up a training program adapted to Safety Days aimed at optimal impact and increased awareness of accident risks. It includes VR headsets and 3D environments, as well as choice workshops, a dedicated consultant, about 50 passages per consultant for the safety day. This solution allows more efficient learning, a reduction in training time, but also better memorization, as well as decision-making training. All through a series of simulations to risk situations, infinite learning paths, and exercises such as risk hunting and identification, quizzes, and serious games. Participants can dive into realistic virtual situations and make the necessary decisions, solve problems and experience the consequences of their actions. Everyone can thus become an actor in changing their professional environment.

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