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Rejane LECHEVIN is an EHS coordinator in a metallurgy company at Riva Group, a steel manufacturer. She agreed to testify about the use of the SafetyBox within the company.


How did you discover Immersive Factory?

"We discovered Immersive Factory through a colleague at another site who organized a virtual reality safety day."


Why did you choose the SafetyBox? How do you use it? How often?

"We turned to the SafetyBox because we wanted to train all of our employees in risk management, which represents about 400 people. We thus organize several half-days per month, in 1-hour sessions, virtual reality workshops, completely autonomously."


What feedback have you received on the use of the SafetyBox?

"All the employees are very satisfied with this new teaching tool. It allows immersive learning where they learn to evolve in a realistic virtual environment representing a risky situation. Virtual reality allows for a fun, dynamic, and practical training!

The 3D representation of a workspace, objects, and people allows employees to be actors and offers them an experience, an assimilation of knowledge that they don't forget. They are very satisfied with it! It revolutionizes traditional and passive training, with slideshow presentations or other."


Would you recommend the SafetyBox?

"Of course, we recommend the SafetyBox, which can adapt to any company, regardless of the sector. It allows for autonomy in the awareness/training that one wishes to provide."

You too, take your training into your own hands with the SafetyBox. With its complete catalog, you will find the exercises that correspond to your sector and your work environment.

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