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Thanks to our partnership with Illucity, which offers you virtual reality team building sessions, we have created the Synergy Pro Pack. It allows you to become aware of health and safety at work and to strengthen your team cohesion with a team building event, all in virtual reality.


Why did we create this pack? 

We believe that by combining the HSE awareness aspect and team building, we are offering a comprehensive, impactful, and entertaining learning experience. Indeed, we believe that team cohesion and employee safety are the foundations of a company aiming for the highest performance. That's why we decided to create a comprehensive, innovative, and immersive solution. 


What the Synergy Pro Pack includes 

The day starts with a welcome around breakfast where the facilitator will outline the day's schedule.

Next, your colleagues will be made aware of health and safety with a virtual reality workshop. The Immersive Factory solution allows you to experience accidents virtually to avoid them in reality. You evolve in an environment close to reality and face risks in a safe manner. Employees play an active role in their own learning, which allows them better information retention. They develop safety reflexes and improve their understanding of risks. You can choose from 5 exercises from our catalog developed in collaboration with major CAC40 companies. It's an innovative, immersive, and fun solution.

Later, you will meet for lunch, which will provide an opportunity to debrief about the morning.

Finally, you will take part in a team-building workshop, with a choice of 3 proposals, in the form of fun virtual reality experiences (Escape Game, Adventure, 4DVR...). You will take on challenges as teams to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape from complex situations. All this while collaborating to achieve common goals. Team building strengthens cooperation, encourages communication and collective decision-making, and stimulates team spirit. It's a mix between fun and strengthening your soft skills.

To learn more and book your day, visit the Illucity website.

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