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Charlène PINTO MONTEIRO is an HSE Manager Apprentice at Merck Group, which produces active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. She agreed to share her experience using virtual reality within the company. 


How did you discover Immersive Factory? 

"Thanks to my mentor who became interested in virtual reality to conduct our training sessions." 


How do you use virtual reality at Merck Group? How often? 

"We held our annual safety days using VR. It took place over a week. At the moment, we haven't reused it for other training sessions due to lack of time and the production pace we have to maintain." 


What feedback have you received from the employees? 

"The feedback was very positive! The employees were much more engaged than during PPT sessions. The exchange was also much more enjoyable; we were able to conduct safety training in high spirits and good humor! They paid more attention to various mistakes, and even though it could be perceived as a game, it wasn't the case for them because the modules clearly explain the risks they identify during risk hunting. So even though they might be entertained by the risk explanations during the research phase, they took the time to understand the situation and often related it to what they observe on-site. They retained much more and told us we should continue to develop training using this tool." 


Would you recommend Immersive Factory? 

"Yes! It's a great way to rejuvenate training."

You too can ditch the PowerPoints in favor of this innovative, immersive, and playful tool that is virtual reality. With our comprehensive exercise catalog, you can train your employees in a virtual environment that resembles your workplace. It's a real advantage for taking charge of your training and being actively involved in it.

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