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Safety Minute Topic: use immersive training.

The Labor Code requires employers to offer a safe working environment to their employees. That's why safety minutes are implemented within companies. These informal meetings aim to discuss a specific theme concerning health and safety at work. Discover a safety minute topic idea, as well as the importance of immersive training in this guide.


What is a safety minute? 

Definition of the Safety Minute

A Safety Minute is an informative and participative meeting on a theme related to occupational health and safety. It is also called a safety quarter or safety talk. Unlike the safety day, it is of short duration (between 10 and 20 minutes).

The Objective of the Safety Minute

A safety minute can be organized for different reasons:

  • Identify professional risks present in the workplace;
  • Raise participants' awareness about safety culture;
  • Communicate essential messages about health and safety;
  • Train on gestures to adopt to prevent work accidents.

Note that the objective must be achieved in a short period. Thanks to virtual reality training, workers will retain the information more easily.


Immersive Training in Companies 

A New Model

Immersive training is a new approach to health and safety awareness. It allows total immersion during safety talks. Thus, participants can train in various scenarios that will help them be ready in case of an emergency at work. Note that this technology can be used in many areas as it replicates several situations. Therefore, regardless of the safety minute topic discussed, virtual reality guarantees the achievement of objectives.


The Advantages of Immersive Training

Compared to old learning methods, immersive training is highly beneficial. Here are the reasons to adopt it during a safety briefing:

It is Efficient

Thanks to the simulation of reality in the field, workers will be more engaged during the training. Moreover, they will have access to their performance statistics. This will help them understand their mistakes and adjust their behavior for the next safety talk, making immersive training very effective.

It Motivates Participants

Virtual reality training is more entertaining for employees because instead of sitting on a chair and listening to the instructor, they actively participate in the session. Indeed, the training is interactive and boosts their motivation. Note that different accessories and equipment are used during the training, such as VR headsets and controllers.

It is Safe

Virtual reality allows for the creation of any situation that can occur in the workplace. However, the simulation is safe. For example, construction workers can learn behaviors to adopt on a site for risk prevention, especially for falls from height, without fearing to fall or get hurt.

It Enhances Concentration and Information Retention

As the scenarios are fictional, the training can be repeated several times. Thus, safety minutes are infinitely renewable. This enhances information retention.

It Allows the Reproduction of Specific Conditions

Virtual reality gives a company the opportunity to train its employees under specific conditions. This can help them to anticipate many situations and be more reactive. For instance, if the safety minute topic concerns PPE or Personal Protective Equipment, immersive training can imagine some scenarios to make employees more effective in case of a fire, thus limiting safety risks.


Example of a Topic for a Safety Minute

Many topics can be discussed during a safety quarter, such as quality of work life, musculoskeletal disorders, isolated work, and road safety. Let's take the latter as an example of a safety minute topic.

Immersive Training on Road Safety

Immersive training is en effective tool for ensuring employees adhere to road rules. Note that road accidents are among the main identified occupational risks. Yet, many people must travel regularly for their work. Thanks to the safety minute, the company can remind them of the driving rules to be observed. It is also possible to address particular rules related to a site. However, for the information to be conveyed effectively, it is preferable to choose an entertaining presentation. Immersive training is an excellent way to achieve this. By simulating all scenarios that can occur on the road in case of reckless driving, participants will be directly confronted with the risks. Do not hesitate to support the arguments with statistics.


Creation and Broadcasting of a Safety Minute

Although it only lasts a few minutes, the safety talk requires good preparation. Here are the steps to follow to set it up:

Subject Research

Choose a relevant safety minute topic that is likely to interest employees. It must correspond to their daily reality. Ideally, question them to know their expectations. However, the choice of subject also depends on the company's prevention action program.

Script Writing and Production

Use clear and precise arguments to raise participants' awareness. You can also prepare visuals such as images, videos, and graphics to support your statements. This will only reinforce the messages.

Meeting Planning

It is possible to organize the meeting within the company premises. However, keep in mind that the location will influence the atmosphere and motivation of the participants. Ensure that it is isolated from any noise disturbance and large enough for the needs of immersive training. Similarly, choose a date and time that suits everyone. Don't forget to identify the key people who need to be present on the day. Depending on the safety minute topic, it might be interesting to include members of management and some external speakers.


It is important to disseminate targeted and understandable messages. Know that if you convey too generic or technical information, it will not be understood by its recipients. The advantage of including immersive training during a safety minute is that participants will learn directly through practice. Thus, you just need to prepare realistic scenarios to help them know the right actions to take to prevent work accidents.


Promote Safety Through Immersive Training with Immersive Factory

To strengthen the safety culture in the company, it is recommended to combine safety talks with immersive training. Thanks to virtual reality, you will be able to expose your employees to different situations. This is an effective way to captivate their attention and generate better results. We offer various solutions to support this approach. Our programs are adaptable to companies' needs and are regularly updated. Give your team an immersive experience with our custom creations. Several exercises are offered, such as quizzes and serious games. We prioritize exposure to risky situations to train participants in decision-making.

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