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Road safety awareness action: immersive training.

Road safety awareness is essential for preventing road accident risks and helping drivers improve their driving. It must be carried out regularly as part of work. Indeed, professional road risk has been identified as one of the main causes of mortality in France. To implement a road safety awareness action in a company, it is advised to use immersive training.


The Importance of Road Safety Awareness

Why is it vital?

Road accidents represent more than 4 million days of work stoppage each year. This scourge affects many companies. If the accidents are not fatal, the victims must stop working for an average of 79 days. This has serious repercussions on a team's productivity. Thus, road safety awareness must be a priority in the professional world.

Consequences of Road Accidents at Work and Outside

Road accidents primarily have a physical and psychological impact on the victim. In the event of violent shocks, the victim may experience post-traumatic stress, harming their family and professional life. 

Moreover, work-related road accidents represent a social and economic issue for companies. They result not only in human losses but also in a decrease in turnover and a disruption of internal organization.

In 2020 alone, 356 people were killed following professional road accidents. Road risks alone account for nearly 44% of deaths in the field of work. Aware of the dangers they face daily, employees are increasingly asking for the implementation of a road safety awareness action. In 2022, 73% of them wished to benefit from it, compared to 65% the previous year. If you wish to organize a road risk awareness day in your company, choose an innovative tool like virtual reality training.

The Need to Raise Employee Awareness of Road Safety

Regulation requires the employer to ensure the safety of its employees. Thus, the employer must assess the road risk in their company and plan awareness actions. They are also required to conduct training and information actions to encourage them to respect the road code. During the workshops, emphasis is placed on driving dangers, such as alcohol, speed, or lack of sleep.

Thanks to road safety awareness action, participants will have a better understanding of the risks associated with reckless driving and will prioritize preventive driving. In addition, they will know the gestures to adopt in case of an accident, as well as the constraints inherent to sharing the road.


Immersive Training in Companies

A Powerful Tool

To preserve the health of your employees and comply with the laws in force, implement immersive training actions. Virtual reality is a powerful and innovative tool increasingly popular with companies. It offers immersive exercises to promote the development of knowledge and skills. They take place on a digital platform where participants can experience realistic scenarios. These relate to road hazards, handling rolling machinery, or gestures to adopt to prevent professional road risks.

Advantages of Immersive Training Over Traditional Methods

A road safety awareness workshop can achieve better results thanks to virtual reality. This learning method proves to be more advantageous compared to traditional methods because:

  • It facilitates memorization;
  • It allows acquiring good practices;
  • It offers realistic situations;
  • It provides a multitude of tests and exercises.

It enhances memorization

The human brain is better at remembering gestures than words. Thus, immersive training ensures better memorization.

It allows acquiring good practices

By learning and repeating gestures, participants can develop their skills and acquire good practices.

It offers realistic situations

3D scenarios are very close to reality. Thus, employees can experience different situations without actually being exposed to road risks. Mistakes are allowed because no life is in danger. Participants can therefore drive a car without fear of damaging it or getting hurt.

It provides a multitude of tests and exercises

Immersive training provides numerous tests and exercises. They are adaptable according to the company's field of activity and the objectives of the road safety awareness action.


Road Safety Awareness Action: How Does It Work?

If you plan to organize road safety awareness workshops, you must follow a few steps. Let's take the theme: behaviors to adopt while driving. Safety education can take place within the company or in a training center.

Raising Awareness

The first step is to communicate the dangers of the road related to reckless behavior: not wearing a seat belt, using a phone while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol. For this, it is possible to broadcast uncensored images or videos of certain accidents and rely on scientific evidence. This will help employees become aware of all professional road risks.

Situation Analysis

Thanks to virtual reality, it is possible to create numerous scenarios that will allow participants to know the attitude to adopt and the behaviors to avoid when they are driving. For example, it is possible to highlight the effects of alcohol on vision and reflexes, as well as the related road risks (loss of control, rollover, collision with a pedestrian or another car...).

Retrospective Analysis

Safety days must always end with a debriefing. At this stage, everyone can express their feelings about the training. Everyone can give their opinion to improve the next workshop or suggest other road safety topics to address.


Impact of Immersive Training on Road Safety

Immersive training proves to be effective in terms of road safety. Thanks to interactions, participants are more engaged during safety days. Indeed, virtual reality holds their attention 100%. This contributes to reducing the risk of accidents sustainably. Moreover, situations take place at 360°. This helps them develop good reflexes. Note that employees use VR headsets and other accessories to experience unique immersive experiences. Thus, they can exchange constructively on road risks.

Exercises are both fun and innovative. Several points are covered, such as tires, mental load, or the vehicle's passive safety. Virtual reality workshops are more interesting for participants. Not only are they more focused, but they can also learn by practice. Being actors in their training, they experience the risks without actually facing them. This results in a clear improvement in their behavior on the road.


Improved Road Safety Thanks to Immersive Training

When combined with immersive training, road safety awareness action inevitably provides better results. Experiencing realistic situations is the best way to acquire good practices that can be reproduced in real life. So, if you want to protect your employees and preserve your company's financial health, regularly organize workshops on road safety while favoring training in virtual reality.

To help you set up your road education programs, we offer different solutions. An experienced educational team will accompany your employees. To maximize the effectiveness of training, we customize the materials according to your needs. Also benefit from our expert advice to choose the most suitable exercises.

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