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1 - Why Choose the SafetyBox VR© to improve workplace safety?

Today, more than ever, it is essential to rethink our approach to workplace safety. In this context, our goal with SafetyBox VR© is to enable companies to change their approach, opting for both an autonomous and sustainable method, thanks in particular new tools.


2 - The SafetyBox VR©: a complete ecosystem for workplace safety training

The SafetyBox VR© is much more than a simple tool; it is a real ecosystem for workplace safety training. It is a complete package including a virtual reality (VR) headset and pre-installed exercises from Immersive Factory. From the start, all the catalog exercises are offered. Everything is delivered in a handy carrying bag; with a projection device (Miracast) included.

Providing this equipment is just the first step in our support. Follow-up is planned throughout the year, starting with training on the use of the equipment. Furthermore, upon renewal of the offer after a year, Immersive Factory gives the VR headset to the client.

The Responsible Learning and Development for Supply Chain at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners testifies to her use of the SafetyBox VR©: “We have chosen to deploy safety modules to give ourselves the “right to make mistakes safely”. This allows us to have a hands-on experience while staying safe (fall from height, driving error…) and to learn from it. The phrase “we learn from our mistakes” has never been truer.”


3 - Who is the SafetyBox VR© for?

The SafetyBox VR© is designed for customers desiring the simplest possible integration. Whether you are a small or large company, the SafetyBox VR© is a turnkey tool, with no need for complex installation. It is the ideal solution to start a massive and sustainable deployment.

The HSE Coordinator of a company in the Riva Group recommends the SafetyBox VR©: “Of Course; we recommend the SafetyBox, which can adapt to any company, no matter the sector. It allows autonomy in the awareness/training we wish to impart.”


4 - The origin of the idea of the SafetyBox VR©?

The idea of the SafetyBox VR© was born from the desire to meet our clients’ needs to simplify the use ad integration of virtual reality within companies. Indeed, despite recent advancements and the arrival of standalone headsets, virtual reality still has the image of a difficult technology to deploy. Following our Safety Days, many clients expressed a desire to have more control over exercise use, to be able to offer workshops to their employees more regularly. In addition, access to equipment and installation sometimes proving complicated, the creation of the SafetyBox imposed itself as obvious. It facilitates this deployment: no headset to buy, pre-installed exercises, no internet connection, training in handling, direct delivery to the site. Trainers are therefore not obliged to solicit their company’s IT or purchasing services. They can focus on operations after receiving their SafetyBox VR© a few days after ordering.

The SafetyBox VR© is thus much more than a product, it is a concrete response to a need expressed by our clients, a tool to improve workplace safety in an effective and engaging way. Thanks to it, safety training becomes more accessible, more flexible, and more immersive than ever.


5 - To go further

Once the provision period of the SafetyBox VR© is over, the client can choose to access the entire Immersive Factory catalog. This is dons through a subscription to our VR offer. In addition to this, the client becomes the owner of the VR headset, thus opening the door to a multitude of new learning and training opportunities. You will be able to discover our subscription solution in a future article.

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