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Improve site safety through immersive training.

Construction professionals are exposed daily to risks to their health and safety. That's why it's important to raise their awareness and train them in site safety rules. This is the best way to prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases. For greater effectiveness, opt for immersive training.


The Risks on Construction Sites

Among the main occupational risks on a construction site, we can mention the following:

Working at Height

Working at height is part of the daily routine of construction workers. It causes many accidents and deaths each year. To control this risk, it is advisable to provide workers with suitable equipment and materials such as safety ladders and anti-fall clothing.

Moving Objects

The movement of machinery is also responsible for worker injuries in the construction sector. Measures to prevent this risk can be addressed during a construction site safety quarter-hour.

Falls and Slips

Falls, slips, and trips are very common on construction sites. This is mainly due to poor weather conditions and equipment placed in inappropriate locations.

Manual Handling

Most construction-related trades involve some form of manual or mechanical handling. However, this carries varying risks to health and safety.


Noise is a major risk on construction sites. If excessive and repetitive, it can cause long-term hearing problems. Moreover, it constitutes a dangerous distraction and can reduce worker productivity. Note that noise is not only a concern in the construction sector. It is also a problem in the petrochemical industry.


Prolonged use of electrical equipment and tools on a site can cause vibrations and lead to hand-arm vibration syndrome. People suffering from it require medical follow-up.


Site Safety Training

Site safety training as an essential prevention tool

Training in site safety remains the best way to ensure the health protection of workers. It is an effective risk prevention tool. Moreover, worker awareness helps to comply with health and safety regulations. Note that workplace accidents can tarnish a company's reputation and lead to significant financial costs. With comprehensive and quality training, it will be easier to reduce risks on a site and secure it.

The Advantages of Virtual Training for Construction Site Workers

Virtual reality can be used for site safety training. The advantages of this technology are numerous for companies and construction workers:

Practical Experience

Virtual reality training offers practical experience to participants. This encourages their involvement. Indeed, they are immersed in a 3D virtual world and can experience different scenarios. Thus, learning becomes more effective.

Risk Reduction

Thanks to virtual reality, workers can learn in a safer and controlled environment. This technology allows them to familiarize themselves with typical dangerous situations on a construction site without exposing themselves to dangers. Thus, the training improves their reflexes and contributes to strengthening their safety.

Time Saving

By using virtual reality for site safety training, a company saves considerable time and costs. Sessions can be repeated until workers perfectly assimilate the knowledge. For this, it is not necessary to set up costly training or interrupt work on the site.

Relevant Training Topics

Several topics can be addressed during virtual reality training on site safety:

  • use of protective equipment: construction gloves, safety glasses, helmets, and safety shoes; 
  • risk management: work to be done, site configuration, etc.; 
  • regulations and responsibilities of the actors: client, project managers, architect, suppliers, etc.; 
  • prevention of incidents and accidents: falls, slips, collisions between machinery and pedestrians, etc.; 
  • emergency management: informing the first aider, protocol for stopping operations, etc.


Immersive Factory Training Solutions

To improve the safety of workers within your company, train them using virtual and augmented reality. Our goal is to eliminate workplace accidents on your sites through effective learning. We offer rich and regularly updated training so that your employees can have an immersive experience. We will adapt our materials to your objectives and offer expert advice to help you comply with labor laws.

Customization of Augmented Reality Training

Virtual or augmented reality training on site safety can be customized to the company's image. Indeed, the objectives and themes to be addressed are very numerous. Whether you want to train your teams in crane operation, confirm the actions of a good site manager, or raise awareness of eco-construction issues, we can design your programs to measure. Augmented reality allows creating numerous universes and scenarios. Thus, the possibilities for customization are endless. Whichever option you choose, we will offer an unforgettable experience to your collaborators.


Monitoring and Evaluation Measures for Augmented Reality Training

To ensure that participants have assimilated the knowledge and acquired the right practices to adopt on a site, it is important to set up a monitoring and evaluation system for augmented reality training:

Competence Acquisition Verification

To verify that skills have been acquired, it is possible to evaluate participants at the end of the training. This evaluation must be accompanied by a validation of the application of knowledge in the field.

Learner Feedback

Learner feedback is important for improving future augmented reality training sessions. So, do not hesitate to ask for their impressions and opinions on the experience.

Analysis of Key Indicators

To determine the effectiveness of augmented reality training, it is appropriate to analyze key indicators such as engagement, productivity, skill development, and overall improvement in site safety.


Immersive Factory, Your Partner for Improving Site Safety

To comply with current health and safety regulations at work, nothing beats virtual reality training. We can offer quality immersive learning to your workers to help them prevent risks on a construction site. In addition, we support you in implementing the training and help you get started with equipment like the VR headset. Give your teams a fun experience with our modern tools.

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