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1 - Why Opt for the Subscription for Your Safety Training?

If you already own a virtual reality headset or are considering acquiring one, the subscription is an excellent opportunity not to be missed to access a complete range of workplace safety awareness workshops. These immersive experiences are designed to improve skills in safety culture and shared vigilance.

Moreover, if you already have a SafetyBox VR® and wish to continue using your current headset, this option is perfectly viable. We offer flexibility that allows users to choose how they wish to engage in these revolutionary trainings, while keeping their existing equipment.

We wanted this offer to be flexible, so that it could adapt to the teaching habits and safety culture of any company : every workshop from the catalog is available and their use is unlimited. This allows each enrolled device to answer the needs of every work site, and every trainer.


2 - Everything to Know About the Immersive Factory Subscription

Our service's offering stands out for its comprehensiveness and commitment to providing complete training in prevention and safety. By subscribing to our program, you will gain access to all our workshops, including not only those currently available but also all updates and new features introduced during your subscription.

This offer encompasses a variety of safety prevention themes, allowing you to deepen your knowledge and skills in many areas. We offer about thirty diverse exercises, ranging from risk hunting to traffic and coactivity, and including maintenance operations. The focus is on practical and interactive awareness for better assimilation of safety concepts. Moreover, the unlimited one-year access to the exercises offers you the flexibility and time needed to raise awareness among all your employees.

In this graph, we can see that each INRS risk is treated, one or more times, in our catalog in order to respond to all awareness requests.


3 - The Immersive Factory Subscription: Ideal for Whom?

In a context where safety awareness has become crucial in the professional environment, our solution is aimed at all those who wish to effectively teach essential safety notions for their learners, newcomers, or teams. If you are looking for a pedagogical tool capable of actively engaging your learners and employees, our program is a suitable answer. It is designed to captivate and involve participants, making the learning of safety principles both interactive and memorable. Furthermore, our offer is ideal for those who wish to maintain a high level of safety awareness throughout the year. Thanks to dynamic and regularly updated content, we help ensure that safety remains a current topic and a priority in your organization. Our approach aims to create a safer work environment by developing a deeply ingrained safety culture in all employees.


4 - The Innovation Behind the Immersive Factory Subscription

Our VR subscription offer aims to meet the growing need of businesses for access to a ready-to-use catalog, encompassing a wide range of workplace safety notions. It provides safety prevention and training content, with unlimited access, allowing companies to set up safety training programs quickly and efficiently.

This catalog is designed to offer a modern and simplified approach to accessing safety training, bringing together various notions and practices under a single subscription. This innovative formula allows companies to ensure that their employees are constantly up-to-date with the latest safety practices, while eliminating the complexity of managing multiple resources or training programs. In summary, our offer is a complete solution for companies looking to strengthen the safety culture in their workplace in a consistent and effective manner.


5 - Additional Benefits of the Subscription

At the end of your year's subscription, for those who choose to renew with us, we offer a 10% discount on the new subscription to reward your loyalty and your continuous commitment to the health and safety of your colleagues.

Furthermore, we provide support throughout the year, ensuring constant and personalized accompaniment to meet your specific training and safety needs. We understand that each organization has unique requirements, which is why our team is always available to discuss any specific request, whether directly related to our current offer or not.

Do not hesitate to contact us to explore how we can tailor our services to best meet your specific needs and thus contribute to the safety and efficiency of your work environment.

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