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Graphito Prévention, a communications consulting agency with 20 years’ experience specializing in QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) issues, helps OSH professionals to develop a lasting safety culture among employees and prevent accidents. Immersive Factory, a start-up created in 2016, draws on virtual reality (VR) to co-develop active-learning courses on EHS themes with major industrial groups.

A few months after their first meeting, the two EHS specialists, who share common values in the field of occupational risk prevention, are joining forces to create a new entity: Immersive Prevention. Its mission is to propose an innovative new VR offering that enables employees to experience tomorrow's safety culture today: Immersive Risk-Hunting®

Graphito Prévention, a communications consulting agency specializing in QHSE issues to develop a workplace safety culture

For 20 years, Graphito Prévention has been helping occupational safety & health (OSH) professionals develop a lasting safety culture among employees in order to prevent accidents. The agency draws on 4 areas of expertise:

  • Consulting and training: involving the management in training on key topics (road safety, slips & trips…)
  • Publishing: 9000 items – existing materials and custom creations
  • Events: 300 safety days per year (theatre and workshops)
  • Digital: e-learning platform and videos.

“Our ambition is to work alongside OSH professionals to achieve a common goal: preventing work-related accidents over the long term. This approach systematically implies the active involvement of the company management. We are also helping to transform the way risk prevention is seen: no longer as a constraint, but as a very positive managerial value”, says risk prevention strategy expert Fabrice Reboullet, director of Graphito Prévention.

Immersive Factory: innovative VR-based EHS training for lasting awareness-raising in the workplace

With their backgrounds in virtual reality, serious gaming and decision-making, Immersive Factory’s creators collaborate with large industrial groups and OSH experts to co-develop virtual-reality training courses that leverage the benefits of active learning.

The initiative-taking and the sensations experienced in immersive training empower learners to memorize 9 times more information* than in listening-based transmissive learning. Immersive Factory is determined to make virtual reality an innovative lever for bringing about lasting change in health, safety and environmental behavior, reinforcing companies’ zero accident policies.

“Experience is the best teacher... this phrase perfectly illustrates our vision of what teaching and learning are all about. In our courses, learners are equipped with a VR headset and become the main actors in their own risk awareness training. They are projected into a virtual environment as close as possible to reality: they have to follow safety instructions, and visually identify anomalies or risk situations. They may even be confronted with the sensations of a virtual accident”, explains Immersive Factory co-founder and director Olivier Pierre.

Immersive Prevention: immersive risk-hunting® in virtual reality

The managers of Graphito Prévention and Immersive Factory met up thanks to shared customers who felt that they embodied common values and could develop valuable synergies. They struck up an instant rapport, and the teams discovered a shared vision in terms of prevention and development.

“The thing that really won us over about Immersive Factory was the team: its energy, its determination and its know-how. Their virtual reality training is very qualitative and well-suited to market needs. Our new joint structure, Immersive Prevention, will enable us to co-develop risk-hunting® in a cutting-edge technology, and at very attractive rates for our customers”, says Fabrice Reboullet.

“We knew about Graphito Prevention as a major historical player in the creation and development of risk hunting®. Their specialist expertise, combined with our technological knowledge, are the pillars of our complementarity in terms of workplace risk prevention. Our joint presence at the Preventica exhibition in Lyon allowed us to test this new offering on hundreds of employees”, adds Olivier Pierre.

* According to Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience

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