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Immersive Factory, in partnership with world-leading VR platform maker HTC Vive™, has been selected by Air Liquide, the global leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health, to develop virtual-reality-based safety training courses. With strong growth in recent years, particularly at its Sassenage site near Grenoble, Air Liquide's Global Markets and Technologies entity has chosen to rely on new technologies, and in particular on virtual reality, to raise long-term awareness of safety issues among its new arrivals, experienced employees and subcontractors.


Accident simulation: an innovative way to instill long-term risk awareness

These immersive training sessions confront employees with dangers in a true-to-life virtual environment. This innovation is fully in line with Air Liquide Group's safety and industrial risk management policy, in which raising awareness necessarily involves repeating and diversifying the messages conveyed.

“Our mission is to help everyone involved develop the right reflexes and never forget the dangers inherent in their job. The awareness-raising that VR exercises can bring about is very real. To experience a fall of 15 meters virtually, because you forgot to wear your safety equipment, can really shake you up in the real world; we are convinced that this innovative training will have a big impact on people and help us in our safety policy,” concludes Benoit Hilbert.

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