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Assurance Maladie’s professional risk department has just published its 2016 report on workplace accidents and illnesses : more than a million cases have been recorded and treated in 2016.

Workplace accidents: number of incidents in decline

In 2016, the number of workplace accidents, across all sectors, hit a historic low: only 34 accidents per 1000 employees. An amount last recorded 70 years ago. The efforts companies have placed in the domain of risk prevention and security have finally come to fruition, even in the industries the most vulnerable to accidents.

One of the most accident prone industries, the Public Works Construction sector, had a rate of only 60 workplace accidents per 1000 employees, which translate to a 29% decline over the past decade.

It’s important to note that even though there is a overall decrease in the number of workplace accidents, there has been a 1.2% rise in accidents during a worker’s commute

[...] NB: The main causes of workplace accidents are: handling (accounting for 53% of workplace accidents), slipping and falling (25%) and the usage of handheld equipment (9%).

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Excerpt of an article uploaded on Preventica’s website on 07/05/2018 : To read the whole article (French) on Health and Security in the workplace click here


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