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Source: INRS -  http://www.inrs.fr/metiers/logistique.html


According to INRS, logistic companies are dependent on requirements of their customers, as of those of the suppliers and subjected to a strong competition. They also have to manage difficult constraints such as deadlines, flexibility, diversity of the goods … In accordance to this, preventive measures taken against professional risks have to consider these specific features.


Jobs in the logistics industry

  • In France, logistics industry will soon be ranked as the 2nd largest employer, thanks to an ever-growing number of the employees working in the sector. In the logistic fields, the number of accidents caused by manual handling and carrying loads, which threaten the health of employees by giving rise to lumbago, sciatica, bumps, fractures and cuts, are more than the accidents occurred on the single storey dwelling or during the mechanical engine usage.

  • When the work of the employee is time pressured and/or if organizations are quite rigid, it brings along troubling repetitive gestures, causing MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders), similar to positions that hinder working. Working in the cold environment, lack of having a leeway or job stress stimulate development of these problems.

  • By contributing to the intensification of work and the reduction of operators space for maneuver, the development of voice guidance can incite an increase in risks related to mental health.


Virtual reality based training to prevent risks in logistics industry


Immersive Factory developed a VR (virtual reality) based training module for pallets handling within its “ Gestures and Postures” simulations. Initially by law (article R231-71), giving a training is an obligation for all kinds of companies or organizations where employees are required to handle/load in the workplace. Immersive Factory offers another way in order to raise risk awareness of your teams on inadequate gestures when handling or transporting items stored on pallets.

To find more about our VR-based EHS training -here.


About INRS

Established in 1974, France, in compliance with the law 1901, INRS (Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases) is a non-profit organisation focused on risk prevention and managed by a joint board of directors representing employer associations and employee trade unions. INRS’s goal is to contribute to the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases through a set of four complementary actions. It conducts studies and research in a variety of areas, offers a wide range of training activities, develops and disseminates information on occupational safety and health, and provides technical, legal, medical and documentary expertise.INRS operates on behalf of the 18 million employees and 1.7 million companies that fall under the general Social Security scheme.



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