An eco-action is an often simple and a daily action that every collaborator can conduct/apply/follow in order to contribute to the reduction of pollution and to enhance the quality of the environment.


Energy consuming industries

According to the research conducted (2013) by EDF ( Electricity of France), with a constant progression year by year, housing and tertiary consume the majority of the electricity produced.


VR-based training to raise awareness of energy saving.

Immersive Factory has developed a VR-based training on “eco-actions” in collaboration with EDF who was willing to raise awareness among their employees on good practices and essential actions for energy saving.

The main reason creating this training is to educate learners on good practices and to help them set an aim to contribute to the diminution of environmental footprint. Available on our EHS platform, this VR-based training is a playful and an interactif support to get your employees and collaborators involved in your sustainable development policies by educating them on good practices of energy saving, such as turning off the lights, heating system or AC;  unplugging the electricity needed tools and devices after usage or the ones idle.

To discover more on EHS eco-actions: here


About EDF

EDF ( Electricity of France), is the first producer and supplier of electricity in France and in Europe. EDF was founded on 8 April 1946, as a result of the nationalisation of around 1,700 smaller energy producers, transporters and distributors, following the French Act n°46-628.

As a global leader in low-carbon energy, the EDF Group covers every sector of expertise, from generation to trading and transmission grids.


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