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Immersive Factory and IDEO Factory, attended the Preventica show in Casablanca. We are proud to have launched "Immersive Learning" in Morocco, a new training technique that consists of immersing the learner, employee or new recruit in a virtual environment that is as close as possible to their professional life and daily responsibilities.

As part of this launch in Morocco, Immersive Factory has entered into a partnership with IDEO Factory, the Moroccan specialist and leader in e-learning in the Maghreb

Oussama Esmili, founder and CEO of IDEO Factory, which is introducing this technology in Morocco, is proud to announce, during a press conference dedicated to Casablanca, that these new training modalities are "in line with our times but also in the long term" because they offer "an interactivity that allows memory to be stimulated by sight and feeling".

Olivier Pierre, founder of Immersive Factory, reveals that over the years and experiences, the company has succeeded in accumulating "a particularly interesting experience in the application of virtual reality to fields where it was unconventional".

The Press Review

The simulation, tested by the journalists of Les Echos, makes it possible to say without hesitation that this event was a success after the returns diffused in the local press: 
"The term immersive is well-deserved, as you feel directly immersed in the simulated environment."  LesEchos Maroc

A report from the Moroccan TV news is also available on video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpYaLkaYlvk

An article in the daily newspaper Aujourd'hui Le Maroc: http://aujourdhui.ma/high-tech/e-learning-ideo-factory-introduit-limmersive-learning

An article in the Qutidian n°1 of Morocco: https://lematin.ma/journal/2019/limmersive-learning-nouvelle-technique-formation-mode-realite-virtuelle/314166.html

Another article in the online news journal Perspectives Med: http://www.perspectivesmed.ma/e-learning-ideo-factory-lance-limmersive-learning/

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