A VR headset attached on the head and a joystick in each hand, that's what a highway patroller in training might look like from now on! And for good reason, we have co-developed with Egis a learning module to train highway patrollers using virtual reality.

Real-life situations in virtual conditions

As part of Egis' operation of the A63 Salles - St-Geours-de-Maremne motorway in New Aquitaine, on behalf of the Atlandes concession company, the patroller can now be trained in safety and highway intervention procedures using a simple virtual reality helmet and controllers.

The experience begins with a total immersion on site, where surrounding conditions such as traffic noise, vehicle speed or weather hazards have been recreated in a very realistic way. At the wheel of his virtual vehicle, the patroller is confronted, after a few minutes of exploration, with a random incident such as vehicle breakdown, object on the road, serious accident with injuries or involving dangerous materials. As in real life, the patroller then has a few seconds to make the necessary decisions in an emergency situation: where to park? Which light signalling system should be activated? Which marking to set up?

We had Egis employees digitally and pedagogically tested, in almost real conditions, the good knowledge of the procedures, but also the patroller's stress management.

Innovation for safety

Egis innovates and thus takes advantage of technological developments to improve the safety of employees and motorists on the motorway. Safety being everyone's business, the group makes this innovation available to all highway stakeholders through the availability of the training module on our platform.

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