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Firemen, emergency doctor and police officer trainings require an important budget to simulate crisis situations like a fire (smoke generator, explosive simulation box and other real situation) or operation on injured people (plastics mannequins and medical equipment).

This project could reduce the costs of trainings for these three types of profession. The VR making it possible to create any environment and the provision of virtual equipment. There, these three persons are on a KAT-VR machine on which they are up, attached, they can walk and rotate 360° for a total immersion.

It is within the EGCERSIS that Immersive Factory, collaborating with IMT Mines Albi, Report One, generates its very first results of the project co-financed by La region Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerrannée. This R&D project aims to develop a virtual reality crisis management training program.

Source : https://www.realite-virtuelle.com/pompiers-formation-realite-virtuelle/

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