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Our story


Immersive Learning gives trainees a leading role in their EHS training

Our business philosophy

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Provide a state-of-the-art social platform which allows the organization of digital Health, Environment & Safety training events and facilitates access to new technologies to the greatest number of people.

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Contribute to raise awareness among women and men, whether they are at home or at work, about their Safety, Environment and Social responsabilities and help our customers to stay incident-free and to mitigate professional risks.

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Create a profitable business, integrating social and environmental concerns in our activities and in its interactions with its partners.

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Health, Safety & Environment is everyone's business, everywhere, everyday.

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EHS workshops
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eSafety Campus

Our growth through the time

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Creation of the company

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14 customers

7 VR training exercices released

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Release of the largest Platform of

HSE VR Training Exercices

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50 customers

15 VR training exercices

250 Onsite Safety Days

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Capital fundraising

100 customers

45 VR training exercices

500 Onsite Safety Days

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Platform hosting Multi-users

Digital Health, Safety and

Environment Events/Training

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The HSE platform can now be used remotely within a true virtual campus allowing the organization of online HSE events and training.

60 training and workshops for VR, PC and WebGL.


« Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn »

Benjamin Franklin
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Our team


Olivier Pierre


Bertrand Pierre


Philippe Timsit

Francis Savic

Olivier PIERRE
Olivier, a graduate of the ISC Business School, has developed extensive expertise in digital strategy and international development. Olivier has held a number of executive positions during his career path, including Export Director at Servant Soft (Cegid Group), Export Director at Cryo (video game publisher), Joint Chief Director of Wanadoo Edition (Orange Group), CEO of Dreamcatcher (Canadian video game publisher) and Founding President of Bulkypix (developer of mobile games and serious games).
Bertrand PIERRE
After graduating from the EDC Business School, Bertrand began his career in industry. He joined the Report One team in 2001 and ultimately became Chief Marketing Officer in 2005. Subsequently he moved to Alma Consulting as Chief Sales Director, where he developed expert-level skills in team management. Bertrand was Associate Director of BulkyApps (consulting and development of apps and serious games).
Philippe Timsit
Philippe, a graduate of the ISC Business School, can draw on the sound business acumen that he has acquired in the IT sector. In 1988, Philippe joined Servant Soft (ERP vendor) as Sales Engineer, before becoming Regional Director and Chief Sales Officer. During his stint at Cegid following the takeover of Servant Soft, he held the position of Key Account Sales Director. He founded Report One in 2001 (business intelligence and CRM software publisher) with Francis.
Francis Savic
Francis comes from a banking background and began his career with BNP. Subsequently, he held the positions of Sales Engineer, Regional Director and Director of Alliances at Servant Soft, where he met and worked with Philippe until 1999. Francis joined the Fidsud Group, an accounting and auditing firm, in 2000 as an Account Manager. In 2001, he joined Philippe to create Report One (business intelligence and CRM software publisher).

They trust us

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February 16, 2021
Virtual reality EHS training: 7 benefits of this solution

The Benefits of Virtual Reality for Safety TrainingVirtual reality is starting to become the norm for a broad variety of uses, with training representing an area where virtual reality immersive technology is especially relevant...

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February 2, 2021
15-minute safety meetings: the benefits of immersive learning

The Benefits of Gamification and Immersive Learning for 15-Minute Safety MeetingsThe principle of a 15-minute safety meeting is quite simple. A quarter of an hour during which issues pertaining to the safety of goods and people...

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