The challenges of training

Work on electrical installations can be very dangerous if the safety instructions are not observed. The number of serious accidents that occur as a result of work on electrical installations decreases every year, but when the accident does occur, it can be fatal. Indeed, according to the INRS, about ten people die from electrocution every year.

The benefits of virtual reality

The majority of individuals understand and assimilate a danger only after having experienced it. In fact, an individual retains 20% of what he hears and 90% of what he does*. This is why RV is used to confront your employees with the risks of not respecting safety instructions when working on an electrical installation outdoors, in a virtual environment. Real-time statistics are available to identify errors and shortcomings in order to resolve them, initiate change and thus work in better conditions.

Objective of the training course

Lockout-Tagout on electrical installation - Outdoor in low or high voltage is part of the company's safety policy and aims to contribute to the reduction of accidents at work and material damage when working on electrical equipment or installations. The chronology of operations prescribed by INRS must be applied to make the intervention safe.

For the learner :

- Validate the assimilation of safety instructions at each stage of the recording: wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), respect of the chronology of essential and regulated operations, etc.

- Remain attentive, follow instructions and procedures,

- To live an accident and its consequences in an immersive way.

For the company:

- To check the respect of the procedures,

- Make your employees experience virtually accident situations that are impossible to simulate in reality,

- Raising awareness and sustainably influencing behaviour through virtual reality,

- Reduce the frequency of occupational accidents.

Target Audiences of the Training Electrical Lockout - Outdoor
All employees who have to carry out an electrical lockout/tagout operation outdoors.

Necessary equipment :

An autonomous virtual reality helmet. An internet connection will allow you to access reporting and update your training.


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