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Image of the workshop Hazard Spotting - Merry Christmas

The benefits

  • Help Santa prepare the gifts
  • Make sure Santa's elves are working safely
  • Ensure safety rules are followed in Santa's toy factory

Course objectives

The purpose of this training is to identify the various hazards present in Santa's toy factory. Sometimes obvious, other times well hidden, you will have to explore the factory to detect dangerous situations and make sure the safety rules are respected. So check every corner, every machine... Santa and the elves will thank you for your work!

For trainees:

  • Understand the physical and psychological constraints of the elves
  • To enforce the safety rules in the factory (consumption of maple syrup...)
  • Prevent risks related to the use of gift wrapping machines

For Santa Claus:

  • Ensure that all toys are in time for the big day
  • Ensure the health and safety of your elves
  • Optimize the organization of the toy manufacturing process

Equipment required

A Virtual Reality headset such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality compatible (Samsung Odyssey, Dell Visor, HP Windows Mixed Reality
), connected to a VR Ready PC.

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