The advantages of training

- Active pedagogy where the learner retains 90%* of what he does

- Real-time statistics on procedural errors made

- Innovative management tool for debriefing and initiating change

Training Objectives

The CSR Best Practices training is part of the company's safety policy and aims to contribute to the reduction of accidents at work. Risks are concealed in offices, warehouses with generic production lines, storage facilities and other environments such as rest rooms. These risks appear randomly, depending on the duration of the exercise chosen by the trainer.

For the learner :

- Identify accidental situations and risky behaviours that will be randomly presented to him/her in virtual offices.

- Have a year-end correction to measure the number of anomalies detected and a reminder of procedures on undetected anomalies.

For the company :

- Reduce the frequency of workplace accidents

- Raising employee awareness of good health and safety practices

- Raising awareness and sustainably influencing behaviour through virtual reality

- Innovative training for employees to better capture their attention

Target audiences of the Best Practices - CSR Training

- All employees working in an HSE area

Necessary equipment :

A virtual reality headset PC type HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality compatible (Samsung Odyssey, Dell Visor, HP Windows Mixed Reality...), connected to a VR Ready PC. An internet connection will allow you to access reporting and update your training.

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