Objectives of the training

This training is part of an approach to prevent professional risks related to hygiene in an office. Its objectives are awareness, risk prevention and the acquisition of good hygiene practices in the company and in everyday life.

- Situational simulation in a 3-dimensional environment faithful to offices.

- Three different situations: identification of risks, disinfection of the workstation and hand washing.

- Correction mode allowing to see the germs and their evolution according to the choices made.

- Personalization of the sessions and the risks present.

- Statistics and remediation system guaranteeing the reminder of safety procedures and training follow-up.


Learning Objective

Become aware of the risks related to hygiene in an office.

Identify and prevent these risks.

Know good hygiene practices.


Necessary equipment :

HTC Focus Plus with an Internet connection, you can view your reports and update your courses.


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