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The issues of the course

Within the company, it is important to control the energy consuption for economic reason because it will reduce cost on energy bill but also for ecologic reason because it will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. This can be possible through do some simple actions which are too much neglected.

The benefits of virtual reality

For most people, the possible risk related to bad behavior are understood after having lived it. Indeed, an individual retains 20% of what he heard, and he retains 90% of what he felt. So, with VR your employees can become familiar with environmentally-friendly things they can do at home, in a virtual environment. Statistics in real-time are available to identify mistake in order to solve it, ensure the change and work in better conditions

Eco-Friendly Actions course objectives

The Eco-Friendly Actions course is designed to promote your company's sustainable development policy and aims to minimize your environmental footprint.

For trainees:

• Learn the best practices for reducing energy use: switch off lights, heating and the air-conditioning system, unplug energy-intensive or unnecessary appliances, etc.

• Develop the right habits that can be used in everyday life, both at home and in the workplace.

For the company:

• Familiarize employees with the best environmental practices for reducing energy use and thereby saving money.

• Raise awareness and produce a long-term influence on behavior with virtual reality.

• Catch your employees' attention more effectively by offering them an innovative training approach.

Target audience for the Eco-Friendly Actions course

•    All types of audience

Equipment required

A Virtual Reality headset such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality compatible (Samsung Odyssey, Dell Visor, HP Windows Mixed Reality…), connected to a VR Ready PC. With an Internet connection, you can view your reports and update your courses.

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