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A 100% virtual campus

  • Unlimited number of meeting rooms, conferences and training sessions.
  • 20+ simulation exercises on PC, accessible via the Launcher 
  • Maximum capacity of a campus is 100 seats
  • Integration of its own training modules 
  • Adaptation of reports to measure the profitability of investments.


The advantages: saving time, money, unique experience

  • A stimulating training experience: avatar, chat, interactions, virtual situation and challenges with internal or external participants.
  • Immersion in a unique & collaborative hub: meeting room, escape games, quizzes, comfort zone, cinema, conference.
  • A digitalized learning path: the campus saves time for the employee who connects from wherever he or she wishes and regularly self-assesses throughout the duration of the subscription in order to perfect his or her skills. 

A new model for risk prevention training: 

  • "Covid friendly: no physical contact between participants, ideal for grouping teams by country, business unit, or activity while bringing them together in the same place
  • Flexible and easy to deploy: a catalog of immersive workshops to involve 100% of employees
  • Inclusive, collaborative, fun with multiple features to animate your meetings as if you were there.
  • Training on exercises regularly updated and enriched from their workstation.
  • Choice of exercises according to your themes, follow-up and analysis of results, certificates of completion.


In practice

  • Each employee joins the campus from his or her PC, creates his or her own avatar, participates in workshops, trainings or even 100% digital events that you can create in the different spaces of the hub (cinema, training room, conference room, etc.).
  • The back office will allow you to access data on everyone's performance in real time, to analyze which areas need improvement!


Our customer feedback

“Games and competition are sources of motivation and pride. You can have strong ambitions but you also need intermediary goals to assess your personal accomplishments (especially since COVID). I think Immersive Factory offers the ideal solution: within a few minutes of play, you can go for hazard spotting and have a quick sense of success with each identified dangerous situation.» Marine Escaillas, Givaudan

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