The issues of the training

The absence of, or failure to follow, safety procedures can be critical for the operator when carrying out an operation in a confined space. They may be faced with a serious accidental situation such as anoxia or a fall from height if they do not strictly follow the procedures associated with this type of operation.

Course’s objectives

This course is part of the company's safety policy, with the aim to prevent and reduce accidents at work. The learner is confronted with a realistic situation in which he must perform an operation in a confined space. During this operation, they must apply and implement the various procedures and safety rules required for this type of operation. They will also have to choose the right equipment and use it properly.

For trainees:

  • Know the risks related to confined space operations
  • Know the equipment and how to use them
  • Apply safety procedures when handling products to avoid accidents


For the company:

  • Raise the employees’ awareness about confined space operations
  • Avoid any accident

Target audience for the course

All employees operating in confined spaces

Equipment required:

A Pico Neo 3 standalone Virtual Reality headset. An Internet connection, allows you to view your reports and update your courses.

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