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The issues of the training

The course Sensitization - Cash register allows you to sensitize your trainees to the different constraints related to the cashier job. This training allows your trainees to put themselves in a cashier’s place in a minimarket environment and to experiment the different constraints he is facing in everyday’s life, whether it is mental workload, physical workload due to ergonomics or due to the job.

Customize the experience by yourself adding article weighing, unpleasant customers or different cashier layouts.

The benefits of virtual reality

Customizable, this training allows you to immerse your learners in scenarios of different difficulties and to sensitize them to a wide range of situations that cashiers face on a daily basis: unpleasant customers, sloping cash registers, weighing of items...

With the Virtual Reality, your employees confront professional risks in a virtual environment. Data for each passage can be consulted online to identify mistakes in order to solve them, ensure the change and work in better conditions.

Objectives of the training

This training is part of an approach to identify and raise awareness of the constraints related to the cashier job. Its objectives are to identify, raise awareness and experiment the constraints related to the job.

- Situational simulation in a 3-dimensional environment faithful to a minimarket.

- Eight different constraints showing multiple aspects : mental workload, physical workload, etc.

- “Before / after” mode allowing to see the impact of the different constraints.

- Personalization of the sessions and the constraints present.

- Statistics and remediation system guaranteeing the training follow-up.

Learning Objective

Become aware of the constraints related to the cashier job.

Identify and understand these constraints.

Be sensitized to these constraints.

Be sensitized to the mental workload in terms of focus and necessary gestures to handle items.

Necessary equipment :

PC VR  : HTC Vive, Windows Mixt, Oculus Rift

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